How to draw and paint - 100 pro tips and tutorials

52. How to create a Pan's Labyrinth-style monster

Follow these steps to create an atmospheric mixed-media painting inspired by Guillermo del Toro's cult film.

53. How to paint lizard skin in Corel Painter X3

lizard skin 1

Artist Don Seegmiller reveals how to paint realistic scales using Corel's Painter X3 custom paper textures.

54. How to paint fur

black bear

Concept artist Mikaël Léger guides you through how to depict black fur on a large, furry beast using Photoshop.

55. How to show light glowing through fur

Artist Therese Larsson explains how to paint light glowing through fur with Photoshop layers.

56. How to paint a captivating mermaid

final mermaid

Jace Wallace reveals his key techniques for painting an ethereal sub-aquatic siren in Photoshop.

57. How to paint a Norse god

7 steps to paint a rock god from Norse myth

Artist Rasmus Berggreen explains how to use contrast and composition to paint a rock giant from Norse mythology.

58. Create realistic bone armour

bone armour finished

Mélanie Delon shows us how to create a skeletal armour, and what brushes to use for an eerily realistic depiction.

59. How to paint a zombie cheerleader

zombie cheer

Serge Birault puts a grisly spin on the traditional crowd-pleasing element of American football.

60. How to create photoreal shine and slime

5 steps to creating photoreal shine and slime in 2D

With simple digital brushes you can create realistic slimy skin, as Paco Torres explains.

61. Combine fantasy and realism for striking creature art

Artist Elizabeth Torque uses a heap of references and a smattering of myth to create a fantasy creature.

62. How to paint a ghostly figure

ghost lady

Expert Tom Bagshaw explains how to paint translucent shapes using Photoshop and create a ghost.

63. Eight pro tips for drawing dragons

dragon stages

Dragons have personalities – they aren't just lizards with wings. Justin Gerard explains how to reflect this in your art.

64. How to create an epic dragon

how to fire up your dragon

Fire up your Photoshop skills to create an epic dragon scene with this how-to from expert Ruan Jia.

65. How to draw scales and feathers

Concept artist Jace Wallace offers some quick and easy tips for painting scales and feathers.

66. How to paint translucent wings

transwings main image

From fairy wings to dragonflies, being able to create spellbinding translucent wings is a skill every fantasy artist should have.

67. How to paint a steampunk tiger

steampunk tigger

Nick Harris reveals how to capture a unique personality with this civilised steampunk tiger tutorial.

68. Draw a pug wearing futuristic armour

Artist Paco Torres shows you how to draw futuristic animal armour in four easy steps.

69. How to paint vampire skin


Mélanie Delon shows you how to give a vampire character pale, translucent skin for a deathly splash of realism.

70. How to capture a Dungeons & Dragons-style character

main ranger elf

A strong D&D image is always a crowd-pleaser. Dan Scott takes aim at a classic character class, the elf.

71. How to capture a story in your fantasy art

fantasy conversation nick harris

Expert fantasy artist Nick Harris explains how to capture an intimate conversation between two characters of different heights.

72. How to depict the death of a vampire

vampire stake 3

Paint the moment a vampire is staked and disintegrates with John Peterson's tutorial.

73. How to create a terrifying creature

harpy main

Plenty of sketching and a good helping of research and references shape Jim Pavelec's intensely terrifying monster.

74. How to paint layered shark-like teeth

monster teeth main

Mark Molnar reveals how to paint multiple layers of teeth to create a monstrous mouth for any creature.

75. How to paint scary skeleton warriors

fearsome warrior skeleton

Artist Jonathan Standing reveals how to give skeleton warriors the frightening impact they need.

76. How to draw a dynamic team of superheroes

dynamic group main

Artist Sara Forlenza reveals her creative process for creating a group dynamic in this handy tutorial.

77. 11 top tips for creating fearsome creatures

Sam personal project

Pro creature concept artist Sam Rowan shares his top tips for creating a fearsomely imaginative movie monster.

78. How to create a Tron-style sci-fi character

tron lady

Taking the seminal film Tron as his launch point, Marek Okon ups the ante and paints a vivid science-fiction image.

79. How to design clothes with a sci-fi feel

foti futuristic dress

Artist Tony Foti explains how to design a futuristic outfit for a sci-fi character.

80. How to paint a galactic space princess

star princess

Zezhou Chen reveals how he gives his celestial warrior princess the romance and magic she deserves.

81. How to design an original sci-fi character

sci fi lady

McClean Kendree reveals how to design your very own sci-fi character from scratch.

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