How to draw and paint - 100 pro tips and tutorials

82. The basic rules of painting in the shadows

How to draw shadows

Digital artist Paco Rico Torres revelas how to master painting in the shadows in four simple steps.

83. Use symbolism to give your art bite

How to draw symbolism

The ever-popular vampire genre receives an injection of fresh blood from illustrator Liam Peters.

84. Paint amazing scenes by starting out in 3D

Paint amazing scenes by starting out in 3D

Illustrator John Petersen shows some of the benefits of starting your digitally painted piece in 3D.

85. How to keep drawing fun and fresh

bob eggleton

Eight-time Hugo Award-winning artist Bob Eggleton's top tips for keeping drawing fresh.

86. How to create a dynamic drawing from reference images

flapper main image

Artist Tony Foti reveals how to add movement and interest to lifeless reference-based illustrations.

87. How to wrap textures around an object

texture photoshop main

Use Photoshop tools to wrap textures around your character.

88. How to create lineart that glows

line art glow step 2

Creating glowing lineart is a simple but effective way to power up your illustrations, says Emma Vieceli.

89. How to start painting from a silhouette

How to start painting from a silhouette

Concept artist Mark Molnar explains the benefits of working up a silhouette as opposed to a sketch.

90. How to give your art a photoreal cinematic look

cinema vibe

Bram Sels brings an instant cinema vibe to his art using these three top tricks in Photoshop.

91. Seven pro tips for creating stylised art

dave s balloon boy

Professional illustrator Dave Neale explains how he's cultivated his signature style – and what you need to do to find your own.

92. How to create a sinister vibe

sinister dude

Artist Paul Tysall explains how to adjust colour temperature and capture a sinister mood.

93. How to create truly terrifying art

terror art main

Anthony Scott Waters explains how to examine the darkest aspects of human nature.

94. How to create a horror poster

horror poster bird thing

Bill Corbett counts down the top things to remember when designing a fearfully effective horror poster.

95. Make manga with a touch of realism in five steps

Make manga with a touch of realism in five steps

Serge Birault puts down his pin-up art and picks up a manga subject in this short Photoshop tutorial.

96. How to create striking manga by photo-bashing your artwork

manja photobash main

Artist Valentina Remenar combines different painting styles to create her manga sci-fi warrior.

97. How to paint a sci-fi scene like the old masters

sci fi old masters main

Nick Harris reveals how to capture the essence of the old masters in your sci-fi work in three easy steps.

98. How to paint an Ironman-style holographic interface

hologram sci fi lady

Create futuristic screens like Tony Stark's with these tips.

99. Paint like a Pre-Raphaelite in 14 steps

Paint like a Pre Raphaelite in 14 steps

Digital artist Corrado Vanelli reinterprets an iconic painting, focusing on strong composition and colour.

100. How to paint traditionally in Photoshop

14 steps to paint traditionally in Photoshop

Far Cry 3 artist Bianca Draghici creates an underwater figure using simple brush strokes in Photoshop.