Dot and dash typeface inspired by morse code

Graphic designer Grant Li has created this morse code-inspired typeface for a new identity project.

morse code typeface

The typeface will be used across all of Jonah Goodman's outlets

Chinese graphic designer Grant Li was given the task of creating a brand new identity for writer and designer Jonah Goodman. Taking inspiration from the fact that Goodman can speak five different languages, Li created this rather lovely morse code-inspired typeface.

Describing morse code as a 'graphical language', Li has crafted a truly unique font. Made up of mostly dots and dashes, the letters are more readable than you might think - although writing a whole sentence may well take up a whole paragraph!

The typeface will be used across Goodman's flyers, business cards and his website. Although there's currently no 'Q' included in the font, we still think this original offering a work of art. What do you make of it?

morse code typeface

morse code typeface

morse code typeface

See more work from Grant Li over on his website.

[via Design Taxi]

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