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New handwriting font is a thing of beauty

Developed by the author of The Sketchnote Handbook, we love this new 'Sketchnote' typeface, inspired by actual handwriting and masterfully executed.

sketchnote typeface
The Sketchnote typeface is hugely versatile for all your creative projects

Despite there being some brilliant free fonts out there, the best fonts are usually worth paying for. And this new Sketchnote typeface, created by Mike Rohde, the author of The Sketchnote Handbook, is a great example.

The Sketchnote Handbook is a fully illustrated book and video, designed to teach people how to create their own sketchnotes. Inspired by this, the Sketchnote typeface is designed to be practical; to convey the human character and quirks of Rohde's normal handwriting and hand-drawn lettering with the benefits inherent in digital fonts.

The family is comprised of four fonts: Sketchnote Text in regular, bold and italic, plus Sketchnote Square, with some cute illustrations thrown in for good measure. A font that's wholly versatile, Sketchnote is a type we're sure you're going to love as much as we do.

sketchnote typeface
sketchnote typeface
sketchnote typeface
sketchnote typeface
sketchnote typeface

Download the Sketchnote typeface over on Delvefonts.

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