Grab your FREE Monday wallpaper by Bobby Haiqalsyah

Decorate your iThings and desktop with this Bali-inspired wallpaper courtesy of designer and illustrator Bobby Haiqalsyah.

Bobby Haiqalsyah s Barong

Bobby Haiqalsyah's illustration is of a mythical character within the Balinese Hindu mythology called the Barong

Had a heavy weekend? Got the post-weekend blues? Then we've just thing to cheer you up! Yes, once again, we've teamed up with another brilliant designer to bring you this week's freebie for your iPhone, iPad and desktop.

Bobby Haiqalsyah

Bobby Haiqalsyah

Bobby Haiqalsyah is a freelance designer with a love of all things type and illustration. A chef for many years, Haiqalsyah eventually hung up his knives in order to focus on a career in graphic design. Living and working in Melbourne, he has worked on numerous projects for the media and advertising industry.

Haiqalsyah on his illustration... "The piece was inspired by a trip to Bali, where being a craftsman is not only part of the people's trade but also part of their religious and social culture. There are whole villages dedicated to stonemasonry, silversmithing, painting - with each community known for a particular skill.

In Bali, being a craftsman is part of the people's religious and social culture

"This illustration is of a mythical character within the Balinese Hindu mythology called the Barong, who acts as a guardian, shaman, medicine man, and personification of the laws of nature in its rightful order all in one. Each village would have their own Barong, there some with the head of a boar or a bull, each for different purposes or times of the year. In this case, I've illustrated one with a lion head, along with temple guardian sculptures and carvings all sourced from photos taken on my trip."

To download this beautiful wallpaper, simply follow the links below:

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