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HTML5 tribute to three decades of Mario

Take a look at this interactive website, which pays tribute to one of the most beloved games in history.

interactive website mario
IGN looks at over 30 years of the Mario gaming franchise

Mario has undeniably produced some of the best designs in video games, spawning over 30 years in the industry. Whilst this impressive legacy continues to grow stronger with every new Mario game release, developer Kyle Simpson decided to step back and celebrate what the little plumber from Italy has already acheived.

The Museum of Mario was created by popular gaming network IGN in cooperation with Intel’s HTML5 Hub have created. The interactive website showcases the journey of  Mario games throughout the years - highlighting the evolution of the game from its 8-bit arcade game start to its more modern, 3D versions.

The site was created using a number of different open source libraries that Simpson has worked on, including a templating engine called grips and a dynamic script loader called lab.js, as well as WebGL, three.js, socket.io, a custom audio/video manager using soundjs, and Adobe Edge.

"I think anyone that’s played a Mario game has built an emotional attachment to that character," Simpson explains. "So having the opportunity to use web technology to build an interactive anthology around Mario has been a blast. I think we’ve achieved a modern method of viewing content".

interactive website mario
interactive website mario
interactive website mario
interactive website mario
interactive website mario

[via You The Designer]

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