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Vito Salvatore's portfolio website of wonder

Check out this Milanese designer's relaunched portfolio website, which makes great use of gorgeous visuals and a joyous navigation system.

Milanese designer Vito Salvatore has given his portfolio website a gorgeous makeover

Designer Vito Salvatore has recently switched his residence (from Milan to London) and also changed his portfolio site. "My goal was to create a minimalist website that showcases the variety of my works," he says.

Salvatore uses the Lato Hairline web font set at a large size, and the text 'Here's some stuff about me' to immediately start a casual conversation with visitors.

The tone of voice and easy navigation are instantly welcoming to visitors

The one-page scrolling site differs a bit when viewing the grid of work examples. Selecting an item will switch the scroll from vertical to horizontal, creating a unique layout.

The absolutely positioned navigation is also worth checking out. Salvatore explains that, "in the earlier versions of the website, the main menu was in position: fixed. This solution didn't work properly on iOS devices, so I decided to fake the position: fixed."

Salvatore has a pretty neat approach to usability testing. He discloses that "the final test was to see if my mom was able to use the website - and luckily she was".

Words: Jenn Lukas. This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 234.

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