Irene Pereya on the USA Today redesign

The UX expert's talk promises to be a highlight of Generate. Here's what she'll be speaking about...

Irene Pereyra, global director of UX and strategy at Fi has revealed that her talk at our upcoming conference Generate will centre on the top agency's redesign of the USA Today website.

That's not just because the newspaper was a big-name client, adds Pereya - but also because she's "extremely proud of the results, and extremely humbled by our experience with Gannett [the company that owns USA Today]".

Innovative approach

"Typically when you deal with such large corporations, it's difficult to release something that is very innovative," she says. "Ideas and concepts tend to get diluted and made for everyone's taste - kind of like how wedding food is always terrible because it has to please everyone, and therefore has no flavour at all.

"But with Gannett, innovation was always at the forefront of everything we did, and it restored our faith in working with big corporation and lots of stakeholders. Considering all the audiences we had to please, the outcome is a miracle."

The talk, which she'll give together with Anton Repponen, global creative director, will be "an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at what it took to redesign such a massive website," she adds.

Great event

They'll be joined at Generate, held at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London, by 18 top-flight speakers including Mike Kus, Mark Boulton, Oliver Reichenstein and Stephen Hay.

With sessions and keynote presentations from the very best in the industry, the event - hosted with Creative Bloq in association with .net magazine - will be a unique opportunity to learn new skills, participate in one-on-one conversations, and network with the world's best designers.

Visit the Generate website today - and use the discount code AI15 to get 15 per cent off your ticket.

  • You can read the full interview here