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The best 3D printers for those with cash to spare

Recently on Creative Bloq, we've been looking at 3D printers from the point of view of beginners who want to dabble, in the following posts:

But in this article we're going to take a different tack, and look at the high end of this exciting market.

3D Systems and Stratasys are two companies pioneering 3D printing for everyone, providing the most advanced and comprehensive 3D design-to-manufacturing solutions.

These three printers (one from the former and two from the latter) represent the latest evolution in high performance desktop 3D printing tech. Versatile and efficient, they all boast great features that ensure consistent, high-quality 3D prints...

01. Dimension 1200es

  • Price: Approximately $30,000

With a large build capacity, this professional 3D printer enables you to print the part size you need with ease and speed. Its features include being able to print models in a choice of nine colours and in two different thicknesses.

This printer produces quick, inexpensive models to help you review designs and concepts.

02. Objet30 Pro

  • Price: Approximately $20,000

The Objet30 Pro offers the accuracy and versatility of a high-end rapid prototyping machine in the form of a desktop 3D printer. So if space is limited, this may well be the solution.

It offers eight different materials and the industry's best print resolution. Ideal for prototyping consumer goods, medical devices and more.

03. Projet 660

  • Price: £46,800

The Projet 660 enables you to create full, photo-real colour 3D prints. Fast, accurate and eco-friendly, this large-build machine provides the flexibility to prototype anything in the exact colours specified with ease.

Ideal for stop-motion animation, professional model shops, architects and so on. You can further modify models too.

Words: Jason Wires

Jason Wires is the owner of Jason Wires Productions, a prototyping studio that prints molds and casts, that are then painted for the toy, video game, TV and film industries. The company uses 3D printers to a professional, industry standard.

This article originally appeared in 3D World issue 190.

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