20 Christmas gift ideas for 3D artists

11. Rebels guide to film making

Stu Maschwitz takes you through the good bad and ugly of making a film on a shoestring, from gear to process and so much more. Many artists want to create their own IP, so if you're one of them, this book is a must.

12. Buzz lightyear

I mean, really, who wouldn't want a Buzz? So many animators have toys from their favourite films in their studios – you're missing out if you don't! Grab a Buzz and when you take a few minutes away from the screen you can get a marker out and add your name to his foot.

13. Philips Hue starter set

These colour controllable lights from Philips make life easy and fun. Wirelessly controlled from the hub or your smart phone you can dial in exact colour temperatures, so all the hard work you did calibrating your monitor hasn't gone to waste.

You can buy more bulbs as needed, including various fitments and standalone lamps, to create any mood you want in any room. You can even set them to welcome you home with your favourite scheme.

14. Cacti coasters

You might go for a set of coasters with portfolio images printed, or a message from a loved one. Personally I like this set, that can be practical or sculptural. Whatever you choose you will always have a good place to put your mug and protect your desk.

15. Coffee maker

Every artist I know is fuelled by two things: passion and coffee. You can't buy passion, however coffee is something that you can get everywhere. But why not take it a step further and get a compact coffee machine that keeps things clean, neat and has a whole load of glorious coffee options.

The tassimo system is fantastic, it's good value for money and has a huge range of coffee (plus tea, chocolate and more). I recommend this machine, it's what I have in my studio and is the first thing switched on each day.

16. A Solid Coffee

Bored of drinking coffee, why not try eating it? If you just can't spare time away from the screen, or the client call is lasting too long and you're nodding off, grab a bite of this coffee bean brittle to give you the jolt you need.

17. Anti static rug

Ok, so orange might not be your colour but it's my company scheme, hence the choice. Whatever tones you go for an anti-static rug is a good thing. If you ever open up your equipment for cleaning or general maintenance then a level of anti-static protection is a must.

18. Shadow theatre lamp

We all know the importance of silhouettes in our work but reinforce your skills and just appreciate this beautifully crafted shadow theatre. It's a work of art in itself and is one of the nicest lamps I've seen, complete with a pretty hefty price tag!

19. Eames Lounge chair

Any 3D artist who's worked in archviz has either used or wanted to use a model of this chair for their work. It's probably the most recogniseable piece of furniture made in the last century, and still looks as good as the day it was designed. You can go for a vintage original (above) but if the budget wont stretch there are new replicas available for a tenth of the price, which still look good.

20. Ultimate Millenium Falcon

Although I’ve mentioned the near perfect combo of Star Wars and Lego already I felt this one offering was worthy of it's own listing. Costing more than the Eames vintage furniture above, it's anything but cheap. But it is absolutely awesome. Jaw-dropping detail and a good way to spend all your free time for a week, this is one exceptional lego set.

Bonus! 3D World subscription

What better way to stay in the know about the CG industry than with a regular fix from 3D World magazine. A print and digital gift subscription gives you 13 print editions delivered to your door, as well as the option to devour the latest design content via your smartphone or tablet.

Words: Rob Redman

Rob Redman is a 3D artist and founder of Pariah Studios. He's currently working in VFX and motion graphics for print, TV and film.

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