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New talent: Bournemouth & Poole College CGI show 2015

07. James Gordon

Self-cleaning lung

Cartoon lung interior demonstrating the self-cleaning process

For his project brief on 'macro living', which was to create a scene that was larger or smaller than normal scale, James Gordon created an animated, cartoon lung interior that demonstrates how lungs remove contaminants. It shows hundreds of cilia with arms and eyes on stalks lifting buckets of mucus upwards out of the lung while other characters run around with wheelbarrows.

"After observing the effects that smoking has on people I wanted to create an animation that was able to visualise how the lungs clean themselves and how smoking effects that process," he explained. "I felt that by doing so the impact of smoking could be more easily seen and understood."

He drew inspiration from the film Monsters Inc. and used paper storyboarding, 3ds Max, Photoshop 3D and After Effects to make the animation. James is going to complete his degree next year.

08. Chris Hill

Chris Hill's Parkour animation, based on motion capture of a live performance

Chris Hill's Parkour animation, based on motion capture of a live performance

For his final year animation project Chris hired a local Parkour expert to do some moves, which he recorded using the XSens marker­less motion capture system. He then edited the motion capture to take account of the different levels and jump distances required for his floating island project.

Chris explained that the use of motion capture in The Escape meant that he was able to create rapid prototypes of the animations and shots.

"This ultimately meant that, in the time frame before deadline, I was able to create a more engaging animated piece containing more accurate motion that I would have been able to if I were using only key­frame animation," he told us.

"The animation, which had been recorded as more than 65 individual moves, sequences and iterations, was cleaned and assembled into takes for the film in Motion Builder.

"The project was a really rewarding, educational experience and I hope to do a lot more motion capture work in the future," he added.

Chris is keen to become a mocap assistant and is currently looking for the right opportunity.

09. Wesley Hylton

wesley hylton

Rex: an evil, bank-robbing clown character

Wesley chose to specialise in modelling and character design and created a female clown super-villain robbing a bank. The project is a series of 3D tableaus in which the character is posed in different stages of mischief-making in a bank one night.

"When first given the concept of a clown I instantly gravitated towards a dark, twisted version of the character, taking small parts from evil jester clowns and medieval harlequins," Wesley told us.

Wesley is a fan of DC and Marvel comics, with Batman, Daredevil and Deadpool being particular favourites. "I found that I was more intrigued by the villains of these comics," he said.

This fascination with the baddies led him to put a "dark but playful" comic book spin on his character, Rex. "The main focus of creating this character was to really sell her attitude to the audience with out any animation.

"I think this was accomplished by the facial expression of 'gleeful chaos' and the aesthetic given to her such as the sad faces and quotes sprayed onto the gear. The hard work this year paid off and I have discovered my passion for character concept design and creation."

10. Kathleen Shaw

Kathleen Shaw created an architectural visualisation of a room with objects corresponding to events and features of her own life

Kathleen Shaw created an architectural visualisation of a room with objects corresponding to events and features of her own life

Kathleen went for an abstract approach to architectural visualisation with an image of a room with furniture and props on all surfaces, based on the 4-sider paintings by Jacek Yerka. She added items that reflected her own life to make the film into a kind of visual CV.

Kathleen Shaw's flying trireme modelled on Da Vinci's wing drawings and the body of a heron

Kathleen Shaw's flying trireme modelled on Da Vinci's wing drawings and the body of a heron

For her 3D modelling assignment Kathleen created a flying vessel based on the design of the Greek trireme battleships and Da Vinci's drawings of wings for humans.

"Da Vinci researched the bird wing and created a contraption which was designed to make humans fly. The wing oars are referenced and modelled to match the Da Vinci sketch of a bird wing," Kathleen told us. She made her vessel look like a heron, as it's long body worked well with the long shape of the trireme.

11. Bryony Harris

Witch's Tree House

Witch's treehouse

Bryony's visualisation of a witch's tree house shows her superb attention to detail, particularly in the foliage, the lighting on the lily pond and the thatch on the cottage.

Abandoned dojo

Abandoned dojo

For her brief to produce an abandoned building, Bryony created a lifelike and flicker-free global illumination solution to make this atmospheric visualisation.

12. Camilla Mendes

Glass pots

Glass pots on a witch's shelf

Camilla produced a CG film of an abandoned church with atmospheric lighting effects as well as slow-motion falling stonework. It's only a piece of coursework, but it's comparable to the BSc projects.

There are six million polys of dead ivy lining the church walls, which meant hefty render times but she took advantage of the institution's 336 core render farm for this work.

Camilla is originally from Brazil and is still deciding whether to work there or in the UK.

An abandoned church

An atmospheric abandoned church

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