The 5 best print ads of July 2014

Despite the rise of the web, print advertising remains an extremely powerful marketing tool. Fully aware of this, agencies are constantly pushing creative boundaries in order to reach their target audience. And as this roundup of our favourite print ads from this month shows, the great ideas just keep coming...

01. El Ropero: Second chance

best print ads

The Colombian agency did a brilliant job of producing a beautiful ad

"Some clothes can heal.
 Donate one item, help kids with cancer," is the message behind this print advertisement and we don't think it could have been better portrayed. Colombian advertising agency Sancho BBDO's Hugo Corredor, Giovanny Martínez
, Claudia Murillo
 and Ale Burset have done a brilliant job of creating a thought-provoking, eye-catching design here.

02. Semp Toshiba: Rock

best print ads

A surreal and hilarious advertisement from the Talent agency

This brilliantly rendered print ad, promoting the Semp Toshiba Dock Station, caught our eye instantly. Bringing to life the tag line "Listen like you're there", the illustration was created by Zombie Studio for leading Brazilian advertising agency Talent.

03. Go Outside Outdoor Magazine

best print ads july

Outdoor Magazine wants you to step outside for a change

We all hate being kept indoors when the sun is shining – especially during the summer months. Another print ad from Talent, this one promotes Outdoor Magazine in surreal but effective fashion. The grey colour scheme definitely makes us want to go outside!

04. California Academy of Sciences

best print ads July

We love the typography on this print advertisement

"Every skull tells a story" is the motto of the Californian Academy of Sciences and this print advertisement was created to promote its new exhibition 'Skulls'. Its use of wild, creepy handwriting to bring the past back to life is stunningly effective.

05. Canadian Journalists for Free Expression

best print ads july

This eye-catching ad aims to highlight recent events across the world

This new set of print advertisements from Toronto advertising agency Juniper Park cleverly updates the 'pen is mightier than the sword' cliche. Cleverly incorporating journalistic tools into the shape of the gun makes the point succinctly and effectively.

What was your favourite print advertisement of July? Let us know in the comments box below!