The best print ads of May

Despite the rise of the web, print advertising remains an extremely powerful marketing tool. Fully aware of this, agencies are constantly pushing creative boundaries in order to reach their target audience. And the simplest ideas are often the best, as this roundup of our favourite print ads from this month shows...

01. Anjali Kitchenware

best print ads

This print ads puts an innovative spin on an age-old theory

Taking the age-old stereotype of wives and mothers not getting along, this print ad turns it into a beautiful piece of 3D artwork. Focusing on the fruit peeler tool, the execution from Indian advertising agency Makani Creatives ticks all the right boxes.

02. ICM Pharma

best print ads

This creative agency nailed the grubbiness of bacteria with this clever ad

Singapore based creative agency McCann did a brilliant job in executing the ethos behind ICM Pharma's Hexo-Dane Antiseptic Alcoholic Hand Rub product. We're sure you'll be rushing to the sink to wash your hands as soon as you see it!

03. Fini

best print ads

A very cute print ad that speaks directly to the customer

A simple idea executed in a brilliant manner, this cute print ad for Brazilian sweets Fini speaks directly to the customer. Created by advertising agency Borghi/Lowe, the clean lay-out allows the message to speak for itself.

04. Popclik Headphones

best print ads

Escape the outside world with this brilliant print ad

Immediately transporting the viewer to another place, this simple print ad from advertising agency Y&R/Bravo Miami does a great job in portraying the product's message. Customers want headphones to block out the outside world and this ad showcases just that.

05. Fundacion Telefonica

best print ads

A confusing but clever print ad from agency Tapsa Y&R

A confusing print ad at first glance but then you soon realise - that's the point. Madrid based advertising agency Tapsa Y&R put together this clever typography-based print ad to showcase the use of Fundacion Telefonica's Mute.

Have you seen a creative print ad this month? Let us know in the comments box below!