Christmas gift guide for web designers under £20/$25

Buying stuff for a web designer can be daunting if you don't have an eye for design yourself. Here are 10 smartly designed doodads that ought to be a fairly safe buy for someone who's into design and tech. 

01. KeepCup

KeepCup is a barista standard reusable cup, designed for coffee lovers on the move
  • Price: £15.99/$19.90
  • Check out this gift at: Amazon

Does the web designer in your life like coffee? If so, a KeepCup makes a great gift; they’re designed to be used instead of disposable coffee cups in order to reduce waste and provide a nicer drinking experience. They’re ideal for people drinking coffee on the go. 

02. Pact coffee

Delicious and fresh, Pact coffee is delivered conveniently to your door
  • Price: Choose a gift voucher value
  • Check out this gift at: Pact

If your designer prefers to make their coffee at home, why not get them a few bags of Pact coffee? It’s fresher and more delicious than the supermarket variety – and it’s delivered conveniently to your door. 

03. Native Union night cable

The Native Union night cable is great for night time reading
  • Price: £17.49/$21.75
  • Check out this gift at: Amazon

No one wants to stop using their phone or tablet just because it’s run out of charge, but that’s exactly what happens with normal-length charging cables. This one is 3m long, so it will reach to your nightstand, and it’s got a weighted anchor knot to keep it in position. Works with Apple devices. 

04. Osomount bike mount handlebar holder

Use with care
  • Price: £14.49/$18
  • Check out this gift at: Amazon

Lots of web designers are also cyclists, so a gadget like this might go down well. While we don’t recommend composing tweets whilst cycling, a handlebar-mounted phone is a good way to listen to music and take calls.

05. Tweed iPad case

This tween case is like a suit for your iPad
  • Price: £19/$23.63
  • Check out this gift at: Etsy

Nice iPad cases are usually expensive, and cheap ones usually nasty. This one is a good balance between price and quality - it’s rendered in a stylish tweed with a real leather closer. 

06. Bluelounge JIMI USB 3.0 extender

The JIMI is a USB port that faces you, just as it should
  • Price: £12.95/$16.10
  • Check out this gift at: Amazon

Rear-facing USB ports are a friend to no one. The JIMI from Bluelounge is a nifty gadget that reduces frustration by making that port face you, just like it should. 

07. Cord organiser

A treat for your cables
  • Price: £7/$8.70
  • Check out this gift at: Amazon

Not the most exciting present, but super-handy – these are a cute stocking filler that will be of use to anyone who carries cables around.

08. Gradient notebook

Be ready when inspiration strikes with one of these beautiful notebooks

This distinctive notebook from Present & Correct is ideal for getting a prototype down when inspiration strikes. You’ll find a good selection of other interesting stationary at this site, should you wish to treat yourself as well. 

09. Chain reaction screenprint

This Chain Reaction print will add interest to any desk or home office
  • Price: £20/$24.87
  • Check out this gift at: Etsy

Another one for a cyclist web designer, this screenprint is a good choice for a bike-liker with an eye for design. It comes in three different colours, and will add interest to any desk or home office. 

10. Hay tower block

Enough stickies for the year, perhaps?
  • Price: £13.05/$16.22
  • Check out this gift at: Amazon

More gradient goodness comes in the form of this very tall stack of sticky notes by Hay – both the brand and the stationary item are a favourite among designers. 

Note: prices listed are calculated on exchange rates at time of writing and are subject to change.