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21 outstanding uses of colour in branding


The level of intensity with which pink is used makes a big difference to its impact. Paler shades are often have 'girly' associations, while dusty pinks have a sentimental tone – both uses are relatively clichéd and absolutely everywhere, so standout with that goal in mind is next to impossible.

18. T-Mobile


T-Mobile uses pink to grab attention

Vibrant, hot pinks have a youthful energy and sense of fun that lends itself well to trendy, inexpensive products for young women or girls – but they're also increasingly used in other sectors where a punch of bright colour is needed. T-Mobile's eye-catching magenta has been registered since 2000, and is splashed liberally across its stores and branding. uses a similar punchy shade.

T-Mobile logo

T-Mobile's eye-catching shade has been registered since 2000


Okay, so most brands use black in their branding some capacity – but used as the primary brand colour, it has a bold, powerful, classic effect that feels confident and sophisticated for more expensive products.

19. Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat coats its stores, packaging and branding with black

Once such example is premium British confectionery company Hotel Chocolat, which coats its stores, packaging and branding with black like the darkest of dark chocolate.

20. Guinness

Guinness' branding

Guinness' branding makes great place of the drink's black colour

Of course, when the colour of your product is one of its most distinctive characteristics it makes sense to shout about it in your branding: nowhere is this truer than The Black Stuff. The Irish icon makes liberal use of black and white in its multi-award-winning advertising, including its iconic surfer ad.


Simplicity and purity are the overwhelming associations with white in branding, and its brightness immediately catches the eye when used in signage. Baby and healthcare products regularly make use of it, and as a result, standout is tricky.

21. Apple

Apple logo

Apple uses white to evoke feelings of purity and perfection

Where white is far from ubiquitous, however, is in the technology and computing sectors: here, Cupertino's finest has it all tied up. Whether it's the soothing simplicity of its packaging, the simple purity of its logo (which has long since ditched its rainbow stripes) or the fact that iPhones and iPads are available in white, Apple's use of white is nothing short of iconic. The silhouette ads with the white headphones say it all.

Apple advert

The brand's use of white has become iconic

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