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The making of the new Euro 2016 soccer logo

It may still be three years away, but the countdown to soccer's UEFA European Championships began as soon as the final ball was kicked in the 2012 tournament in Ukraine. And nowhere more so than at the home of Brandia Central, the Portuguese studio tasked with the logo design for the tournament, to be held in France in 2016.

The starting point for the studio was the idea of 'celebrating the art of football' with three 'Fs' at the heart: festivity, football, France. The Euro 2016 logo would be a representation of the various art movements for which France is renowned, blended with football.

On this basis Brandia, who also devised the branding for Euro 2012, set to work and created the image that is realised in this video. Whether you feel it is a success or not, there's no doubt the bold icon is far more interesting than the bland digital branding for the tournament's qualifying campaign.

The process behind the new logo's creation is documented in the images below, and further details can be gleaned on the studio's website.

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