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OFFF 2013: Marta Cerdà Alimbau

Computer Arts: We're looking forward to seeing you today at OFFF... What can we expect from your talk?
Marta Cerd Alimbau:
Thank you. Hopefully something useful. I'm going to talk about 'un-useless' things, or rather useful things that I didn't think I would use in my work.

CA: What have you got out of the show so far?
A breath of fresh air. I’ve been to see many talks like Karlssonwilkner, Jessica Walsh, McBess and Matt Moore among others. But I’ve also been surprised by other designers that I don't really know.

Marta Cerda at OFFF 2013

Marta Cerda referencing Hugo and Marie via a recent Computer Arts interview at OFFF 2013

CA: What project from your portfolio would you say best represents your studio?
I'd say my cover for the Spanish cultural guide in the USA, Spain Arts and Culture. I think it's a good example for its simplicity and complexity. I like to work with ideas that are really clear, and recognisable shapes, so that later on I can work with the aesthetics in a more abstract way.

CA: You've worked with some huge clients – who has been your favourite to work with, and why?
The guys at the agency Cutwater were really nice and bright, I think we made a good team together. They pushed the job forward with the Rare Prints campaign for Ray Ban.

CA: Can you spill the beans on any new projects?
I’m working now on an opening page for Esquire magazine USA, another one for El Pais, a book cover for Random House and the image for a project that will take place in Baltimore, which will bring local artists and community residents together with European artists and experts to create a better environment in the city.

CA: Why is Barcelona such an exciting place to be right now?
I think it's always been an exciting place in terms of creativity. Barcelona is like a little New York City in a way, as there are lots of people willing to do good work and work really hard. We miss a strong economy, but thanks to the internet we can work from here abroad. The weather, the architecture, the people, its culture and the sea makes it a great place to live, and I guess that's why so many people come everyday.

"I can say during all the processes, I had no idea where I was going." Marta Cerd talking about the journey of the creative process