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New talent: Plymouth College of Art summer show 2015

06. Christopher Rose

Plymouth grad school

Time lapse animation makes 'The life, death and rebirth of a room' a marvel
  • Course: BA (Hons) Game Arts
  • Project: The life, death and rebirth of a room

"As a 3D artist, my goal is to create aesthetic form in 3D space," explains Rose. "This project represents the same space throughout different periods in time in the form of a time lapse animation, the eras being shown mark different point in video-games industry development. Accompanying this animation are six statues representing different forms of modelling.

"I will be taking the knowledge acquired during this project into my career as a 3D modeller and animator, after graduating from design for games I plan to work on becoming an independent artist under the name DarkCaper3DModels while building up my online portfolio."

07. Anita Benjamin

Plymouth grad school

'A Union with Nature' takes an intimate look at a small community living
  • Course: BA (Hons) Photography
  • Project: A Union with Nature

Anita is driven to use the camera to photograph and learn more about the world, about human life and ways of living that are different from her own. Her latest documentary project, takes an intimate look at a small community living an alternative and sustainable lifestyle in the woods in Somerset.

Anita provides an insight into the lives of a community, who have chosen a lifestyle that will leave only a minimum carbon footprint, whilst provoking viewers of her work to consider their own measures of sustainability in a world of depleting natural resources.

08. Sofia Beale

  • Course: BA (Hons) Animation
  • Project: Plymouthland

"Throughout my third year, my practice has mainly revolved around combining traditional stop-motion techniques with digital 2D elements," explains Beale. "I have become increasingly interested with set and prop design and therefore for my final animations I chose stories that would allow me to create a variety of sets."

I have spent the majority of my time on 'Plymouthland', a short piece about walking around Plymouth and catching glimpses into various people's lives; tiny moments of people's daily routines – cups of tea, watching the football, staring at the rain... It's an exploration of sets and characters that I hope to develop further in the future.

09. Jack Viant

Plymouth grad school

Nostalgia is a big influence in Jack Viant's work
  • Course: BA (Hons) Illustration
  • Project: Let the show begin!

"I am an abstract image maker who draws his influence from nostalgic infused cartoons and all things weird and wonderful," explains Viant. "I employ the use of handmade textures to give my work an aged look. I enjoy a gentle balance of order and chaos throughout my images which is often why my characters look both at ease and ready to snap. I also draw a lot of influence from Mexican culture.

The body of work presented in my portfolio ticks each of my desired boxes in terms of areas of employed, it features a strong sense of typography, a gentle collection of child friendly characters and a strong focus on texture and shape.

10. Robert Smith and Robert Marshall

  • Course: BA (Hons) Film
  • Project: Pine

'Pine' is a light-hearted comedy drama created by Robert Smith and Robert Marshall, which was supported by a Grant from the Exeter and Devon Film Commission and selected for inclusion in the Two Short Nights Film Festival due to screen in autumn 2015. 'Pine' poses the poignant question; 'is life full of choices or predestined actions, and what are the consequences to the individual's life from the decisions or actions they take?'

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