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Transform your images with this pro photo editing bundle

(Image credit: Fujifilm North America from Pexels)

Are you ready to take your photos to the next level? You've come to the right place. This Photomatix Pro Plus Bundle is packed with tools and plugins to help you transform your photos quickly and easily – and right now it's available for a bargain price. 

Read on to learn more about the features in this complete photo transformation bundle. For more options, check out our guide to the best photo apps and photo editing software.

Photomatix Pro

(Image credit: Photomatix)

If you use Lightroom regularly, you know that its high dynamic range (HDR) merge feature offers just one HDR style, limiting your desired photography results. Photomatrix Pro features six HDR styles, and over 40 built-in presets, bringing you endless options so you can find the perfect effect for each image. 

A free plugin for Lightroom is included, making it a seamless complementary pairing to your usual photo processing process. Other features include batch processing, advanced options for removing ghosts, the ability to blend a source exposure into your final image using a Brush Tool, and so much more.

Photomatix Essentials

(Image credit: Photomatix)

Designed to simplify and expedite the process of creating HDR imagery, Photomatix Essentials helps to composite multiple exposures into a single image to gain greater detail than a single exposure can record. With four HDR styles and 30 preset effects, the program utilises an intuitive interface with the ability to fine-tune the final appearance of your imagery. Lifetime access to the user-customised presets come complete with automatic ghost removal and so much more. 

Tone Mapping Plugin for Photoshop

(Image credit: Photomatix)

If you're looking for a transformation tool to integrate with Photoshop, this software is for you. Bring your photos to life in Photoshop with the easy to use Tone Mapping Plugin. Features include contrast optimiser and tone balance rendering, advanced options for blending, flawless finishing (sharpening and contrast), and so much more. You'll be able to enhance images easily and edit your photos with impact. 

The Photomatix Pro Plus Bundle is valued at over $250, it's currently price-dropped to only $39 (that's 84% off). Kick-off 2020 with a bang and turn your images into stunning pieces of art.