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Adobe Illustrator tutorials: 73 lessons to boost your skills

Adobe Illustrator tutorials for intermediate users

32. Adobe Illustrator 2022 – All New Features

If you're already a user of Illustrator and want to know what's new in the latest update, this info-packed video from designer and Certified Adobe Design Master and Instructor Martin Perhiniak is a great place to start. Perhiniak runs through all of the updates in the latest version of Illustrator in under 15 minutes. His explanation of the new 3D and Materials feature is particularly useful for anyone wondering what they can do with that new dedicated panel.

33. 10 incredible Adobe Illustrator tips and tricks

Will Paterson is full of tips that can be handy for both "professionals and normal people",  and there really are some true gems in here, such as tips for using multiple artboards in one file and scaling strokes and effects. Some of these tips and tricks can be highly effective when it comes to streamlining your processes and improving your workflow.

34. Design a gradient logo in Illustrator

Gradients just aren't going out of fashion, especially in brand schemes. In this popular video tutorial, Dansky walks us though how to create a simple gradient logo in Adobe Illustrator.

35. Learn how to draw anything in Illustrator CC

This Illustrator tutorial is taught by certified Adobe Design Master Martin Perhiniak, who was voted one of the top 10 Adobe instructors back in 2015. His video explores different drawing techniques in Adobe Illustrator CC. He offers advice to help you improve your skills when working with shapes. It's well worth a look.

36. Create a 3D text effect

Go 3D to give your type more impact. This 13-minute Illustrator tutorial video from Danksy shows how to master perspective and extrusion to create impressive 3D text in your designs. 

37. Create sets of product icons in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: icons

Icons are a world all on their own. Here Ben O'Brien – aka Ben The Illustrator – walks us through the process of creating simple yet effective sets of illustrated icons using Illustrator in an easy to follow tutorial.

38. Blend tool design

Another tutorial from Martin Perhiniak, this one shows you how to get more from the Blend tool. This 20-minute intermediate tutorial focuses on how to use the tool to create a neat typographic design.

39. How to design graphic figures

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: graphic figures

Learn how to turn your basic stick men into graphic figures with their own style and personality in this Illustrator CC tutorial from Ben O'Brien.

40. Creative shapes for logo design

In this Illustrator tutorial, the ever-informative Dansky explores how to take shapes to the next level. He offers a range of techniques that you can use to transform basic shapes into more complex shapes by working with elements such as gradients, opacity and the Shape Builder tool.

41. Create Lightsaber Vector in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: Lightsaber

(Image credit: VecTips)

This effect looks impressive but is relatively simple to execute. You can create a lightsaber using blend objects, blending modes, and gradient fills. Follow this tutorial, and it will take you just 45 minutes to complete. The Force is within you.

42. Create a calligraphic brush in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: calligraphic brush

One of the great things about Adobe Illustrator is the ability to create your own brushes. Here, Chris Rathbone explains how to create your own vector Illustrator brush in three simple steps.

43. Create an isometric text effect

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: isometric text effect

This walkthrough from Envato Tuts+ demonstrates how to create a simple isometric text effect in Adobe Illustrator. It covers how to make your original text 3D using the 3D Extrude & Bevel effect, how to turn the various shapes into compound paths and how to then colour and organise them.

44. Create a linear spiral

This video tutorial goes step-by-step through exactly how to create a linear spiral in Illustrator. If you're Illustrator savvy, you'll already know that it has a Spiral tool, which is pretty simple to use. However, those spirals are tighter in the centre, getting looser towards the outside. This video shows you how to create a spiral that's spaced uniformly throughout. 

45. How to draw a lace pattern

This well-made tutorial shows how to draw an ornate lace pattern with brushes, plus how to create calligraphic elements. It is a textbook example of exactly how a YouTube tutorial should be, with a good pace and clear instructions accompanied by a detailed walkthrough.

46. Design more efficiently with Dynamic Symbols

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: design symbols

Illustrator CC's Dynamic Symbols tool allows you to dynamically change a symbol's attributes to streamline the creation of artwork. This tutorial explains how to use the tool to create multiple instances of a master symbol, which then retain their link to the master symbol even when their shape and visual attributes are altered. 

47. Create a timeline infographic

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: create a timeline infographic

Infographics are still being used everywhere so it makes sense to know how to create one in Illustrator. This step-by-step guide talks you through how to create a simple example. It uses a timeline-based design as an example to mark Black History Month. If you're happy to venture out of Illustrator, there are a number of infographic maker tools designed specifically for this kind of job.

48. Use the Perspective Grid

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: perspective grid

With Illustrator CC’s Perspective Grid, you can either place existing artwork in a perspective plane or draw directly on to the grid. This tutorial from Matthew Pizzi uses both methods to create a 3D gift box. He also teaches us an easy way to create a reflection.

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: design a logo

Want to create a logo that will look just as good in print and on screen while combining imagery with text? This tutorial shows you how 

50. Create a web icon

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: web icon

This tutorial teaches how to modify simple shapes to create a camera icon that can be used as a social media profile avatar and as a button linking to a portfolio on a digital CV. 

51. Create an app icon

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: app icon

Another step-by-step tutorial from Matthew Pizzi, this one shows how to create a calculator app icon in Illustrator. You’ll use a variety of shape tools, the Pen tool, and the 3D features of Illustrator CC.

52. Create a geometric logo design

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: geometric logo

This tutorial looks at how to create a perfectly geometric logo design. Begin by creating an initial pattern using smart guides, then remove areas from shapes using the Shape Builder tool or Pathfinder tool. Then add gradients. 

53. Quickly join and trim paths

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: paths

Learning to join paths is a great way to clean up your line work in Illustrator CC. This tutorial explains how to trim excess line segments from intersecting paths and how to close the gaps between two open paths.

54. How to create a shaded type effect

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: shaded effect

One way artists emphasise the curvature of their type is to apply shading, which adds an illusion of depth to the lettering piece. In this tutorial Chris Spooner shows you how to produce a shaded type effect in Adobe Illustrator.

55. Vector avatar characters with Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: vector avatar characters

Cartoon-style avatars are a halfway house between formal representation and stylised illustration, allowing a degree of anonymity for the person pictured. Another tutorial from Chris Spooner, this one shows how to use the vector tools in Adobe Illustrator to produce a simple avatar with a line art style and flat colours.

56. Create a line art badge logo in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: line art badge logo

Chris Spooner has a host of useful Illustrator tutorials. In this tutorial, he goes through the process of creating a line art badge logo design. There's been a trend of designing logos in the style of line art, featuring simplified illustrations to produce a minimalist design. This shows just how to do it.

57. How to create rainbow text in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: rainbow text effect

In this tutorial, you’ll learn to create a simple square and multiply it using the Transform effect then progress onto turning a set of squares into a pattern brush. You'll then learn how to create a rainbow text effect by combining this with the Width Tool.

58. How to create seamless patterns

Adobe Illustrator tutorials: Mexican patterns

In this step-by-step tutorial from Berlin-based artist Amrei Hofstätter, you’ll learn how to create a complex, colourful Mexican-inspired pattern in Illustrator using just two simple geometric objects.

59. Create vintage labels using a layered typeface

Adobe illustrator tutorials

(Image credit: Chris Spooner)

This Illustrator tutorial demonstrates how to create ornate label compositions with elaborate flourishes using a layered typeface with bonus assets – in this case, Java Heritages. The technique offers an efficient way to achieve highly detailed vintage effects.

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