60 amazing Adobe Illustrator tutorials

21. Add images and artistic effects

This tutorial begins by explaining the basics of adding images to your projects in Adobe Illustrator CC. It then goes on to walk you through how to add and edit effects, apply brush strokes, and more.

22. How to create colourful gradient orbs

These cool gradient effects can easily be translated into any shape

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Gradient Mesh tool to create a colourful circular orb, which can also be modified into an abstract shape with the Warp tool, ready for use in all kinds of branding or art projects.

23. Add painterly effects with brushes

This step-by-step tutorial teaches you to build up a detailed and impactful illustration by applying painterly brush strokes to objects to add texture, interest, and details. Sample files are included to help you practice the techniques.

24. Create seamless, Mexican-inspired patterns

In this step by step tutorial by Berlin-based artist Amrei Hofstätter you’ll learn how to create a complex, colourful Mexican-inspired pattern by using just two simple geometric objects in Illustrator.

25. Quickly manipulate shapes with effects

Here you’ll learn a quick way to manipulate shapes by applying non-destructive effects in Illustrator CC. This tutorial also encourages you to experiment with variations using the sample files.

26. How to create a card suits pattern 

Andrei Marius explains how to create a simple but striking pattern in this Illustrator tutorial

In this step by step tutorial, you will discover how to create, save and use a card suits pattern in Illustrator. You’ll also learn how to apply your pattern and how to adjust it using the Transform effect.

27. How to create a paisley pattern

We all love a nice paisley pattern. In this tutorial you will learn how to create one using the Convert Anchor Point tools, Warp Effects and the Smooth tool.

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