60 amazing Adobe Illustrator tutorials

 28. Add text to your designs

This beginner-level tutorial introduces you to the basics of using text in Illustrator CC. You’ll learn how to add text, apply formatting, reshape and style it, and place it on or inside a path.

29. Vectorise hand lettering with the Pen tool

Discover a speedy way to digitise hand lettering and logotypes using Adobe Illustrator’s Pen tool. This tutorial explains how to save time by mastering anchor points and handles.

30. The easy way to roughen your typography

In this video tutorial you’ll discover a quick and easy way to roughen your typography in Illustrator. This grungy, roughened effect is a good way to add an old-fashioned print effect to your designs.

31. Create a peeled text effect 

In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a flat background and add some text to it. You’ll then use the Appearance panel to create a bold, peeled text effect.

32. How to create a retro long shadow text effect

Andrei Marius demonstrates how to create a retro long shadow text effect in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial explains how to work with the Appearance panel and use a Transform effect to add a long shadow effect to your text without expanding it. Final touches are added using some basic blending techniques and a simple Gaussian Blur effect.

33. How to create a rainbow text effect 

Here you’ll learn to create a simple square and multiply it using the Transform effect. You’ll then progress to turning a set of squares into a pattern brush. By combining this with the Width Tool, you will learn how to create a rainbow text effect.

34. Create a custom drop cap

Liven up your text with a vibrant drop cap

This step-by-step tutorial walks you through how to create a custom drop cap in Illustrator and then use it in an InDesign text layout.

35. Create a bones text effect

This tutorial walks you through setting up a simple grid and creating several shapes. Then, using the Rounded Corners effect and some basic vector shape-building techniques, you’ll learn how to create a bones text effect.

36. Set a beautiful title

Want to design an eye-catching title for your next project? This tutorial shows you how to choose a high-quality typeface, apply unique typesetting, and use an easy colour matching technique.

37. Design a monogram

A monogram is a type of personal branding made up of one or more letters, typically initials, that may be intertwined as part of a design. This tutorial demonstrates how to use a simple shape, a professional typeface and colour to create an impressive monogram.

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