60 amazing Adobe Illustrator tutorials

51. The secrets of cute character art design

Learn how to design a character in Illustrator

In this Illustrator tutorial, Sascha Preuß reveals how to go about designing colourful cartoon characters and outlines how to make them super-cute, from initial sketch to final colouring.

52. How to create an editable bar chart 

In this tutorial you’ll learn to create a fully editable chart in Illustrator using the Column Graph Tool. You’ll then use the Direct Selection Tool and the Graphic Styles panel to stylise the main components of your chart.

53. Create a busy city scene

Discover how to bring some dynamics and atmosphere to a graphic city scene

This tutorial explains how to put together a bustling street scene in Illustrator. You’ll be constructing architecture, adding figures, placing street furniture and signage and experimenting with colour to create a dynamic and atmospheric scene.

54. Create digital tattoo art

This tutorial explains how to progress from a simple sketch to a detailed, tattoo-inspired illustration using Illustrator CC. Royalty-free files are included so you can follow the tutorial from beginning to end, and even incorporate your designs into client work.

55. Create vinyl wall art

Here Ben O’Brien shows how to create and prepare artwork for making stylish vinyl wall stickers for decorating your home. 

56. Create an elderly man illustration

This tutorial walks you through how to illustrate an elderly man, using some basic geometric shapes and some simple tools in Illustrator.

57. Create a piggy-bank illustration 

Learn how to create a detailed piggy-bank illustration in Illustrator, using the Live Corners feature, basic blending techniques, Gaussian Blur effects and some Warp effects.

58. Create a polar bear illustration

Illustrate a polar bear using simple shapes

Who doesn’t want to learn how to illustrate a polar bear? This great tutorial walks you through how to do so, using Warp effects, the Pen Tool and the Smart Guides.

59. Create an illustration of Scandinavian mittens

Discover how to create a pair of Scandinavian mittens using basic shapes, effects, and tools. This tutorial is broken down into parts to make it easier for beginners.

60. Create a compass symbol

Andrei Marius explains how to create this elegant compass symbol in Illustrator

This step-by-step tutorial walks you through the creation of a wind rose compass symbol illustration in Illustrator. You’ll create the main object using the Appearance panel, then harness the Transform effect to multiply shapes and create a complex compass grid using only a few paths.

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