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The best WordPress hosting services in 2020

Best wordpress hosting services
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Looking for the best WordPress hosting services? You're in the right place. We've tracked down all of the hosting options available for WordPress with choices for the cheapest price, best software for beginners and everything in between.

But let us first answer the question that's probably on your mind – why WordPress and why do I need a hosting system for it? WordPress is currently the most popular CMS (content management system) on the market and has won its popularity through a wide range of WordPress themes, easy to use interfaces and the fact that it can be used without any costs at all, perfect for the creative just getting started. It is used by everyone from hobby enthusiasts to some of the world's top websites.

The best WordPress hosting services 2019: Top 5

1. Bluehost
2. TSOhost
3. 1&1 IONOS
4. InMotion Hosting
5. HostGator

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But while it is the go-to option for making your website, it can be hard to maintain a site once it's up and that's where the best WordPress hosting comes in. Many of these services will offer you increased bandwidth and performance for your site, cyber protection from malware and cloud storage systems.

Whether you're a photographer looking to start your first site or an experienced web designer without the time or resources to maintain your website, getting involved with one of the best WordPress hosting services could be a worthwhile investment. (If you're looking to hone your skills, make sure you explore our roundup of great WordPress tutorials, with helpful advice for everyone from total beginners to WP experts.)

We've listed all of the best options down below so you can compare all the different services – ranging from affordable to feature packed. 

How to choose a WordPress Host

The best WordPress host will be a combination of a few factors. Like most other services: the more you pay, the better the hosting service. Finding a package that is both reliable and secure is a must and luckily most of the options on this list strive at that.

Other factors to look out for are the speeds a package offers, whether you will be limited on bandwidth and the usability of the software – some are easy to use and perfect for beginners, others offer extra features for those more familiar with WordPress.

Best WordPress hosting services: Bluehost

Image credit: Bluehost

01. Bluehost

The best WordPress host on the market

30 day money-back guarantee
Fast website load times
Easy to use for beginners 
Site migration costs extra

When it comes to WordPress hosting, it is hard to deny Bluehost's position as number 1. Whether you're a complete beginner or a creative with WordPress experience this service blends the best of affordability and features.

On paper (or web page in this case) Bluehost is pretty impressive. It offers automatic updates, a free SSL certificate and domain (although lots of services offer these) and is so confident in its services it offers a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Bluehost has even gone the extra step to create its own VPS-based architecture to offer optimal performance (in non-tech speak that simply means Bluehost has put the time into making its system great). 

Best WordPress hosting services: TSOhost

 Image credit: TSOhost

02. TSOhost

Great value for money

Fair pricing
Daily backups
Bandwidth limits 

TSOhost is one of the most popular options for those looking to build a website in the UK. It boasts an impressively high average rating from customers and a supportive customer care team.

TSOhost sites are fully managed which means they will sort all of your daily patches, security updates and backups. For beginners, this could be one of the best WordPress hosting options out there due to its simple to use console. 

It isn't quite as brimming with features as some of the other options but it is definitely one of the easiest to use services. Unlimited bandwidth is also offered which seems surprising due to the company's more affordable pricing.

Best WordPress hosting services: 1&1 IONOS

 Image credit: 1&1 IONOS

03. 1&1 IONOS

Tonnes of features at an affordable price

Simple interface
Affordable packages
Limited website builder

1&1 IONOS are one of those web giants that you have most likely never heard of, and yet they are masters of web hosting for European clients. Like Bluehost you're getting a free domain and SSL certificate but at a much lower price tag.

But where the packages are on the more affordable side, they do lack a lot of the more technical features some would look for. So if you're a freelancer just getting started, this could be a great way to get your website up without pouring money into it.

You're still getting the necessities: unlimited bandwidth, automatic updates, 24/7 support and even a personal consultant free of charge. It just lacks some of the bells and whistles that those with a demanding site may require. 

Best WordPress hosting services: InMotion Hosting

Image credit: InMotion Hosting

04. InMotion Hosting

Feature filled provider with a well-known name

Speedy performance
Excellent tech support
Costly packages

InMotion seems to be the best WordPress hosting service for those slightly unsure what it is exactly they need. The company offers up a grand total of 6 different WordPress hosting packages, all with exotic names like 'WP-1000S and 'WP-3000S'.

Where InMotion stands out is in its more affordable plans. In fact, even with 6 different plans, the cheapest option is packed full of features. Coming in at a much lower price than the rest of the options, you're still getting 40GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL, security and automatic backups.

You can pay more for the other packages, each one gaining you more features. It really is a service for every kind of budget, from budding photography enthusiast up to highly experienced freelance creators.

Best WordPress hosting services: HostGator

Image credit: HostGator

05. HostGator

A powerful option for WordPress hosting

Wide array of packages
45 day money-back guarantee
Pricing can be confusing

If you don't have any special requirements from a website and just need something reliable then HostGator could be the best WordPress hosting choice for you.

It can be affordable (depending on which package you choose), it offers a strong collection of different features including the expected SSL certificate and automatic malware detection. But then it throws in some nice extras like unlimited email addresses, bandwidth and storage. 

Customer reviews for HostGator praise it highly but if you're not so lucky with your experience they even offer a 45-day money-back guarantee. 

Best WordPress hosting services: Fasthosts

Image credit: Fasthosts

06. Fasthosts

An easy to use option for beginners

Budget options
Easy to use 
Console quite basic
Some technical issues

Offering up a budget plan and some brilliant features this package is great for those looking to get stuck into WordPress without paying tonnes to get it hosted. It's even more affordable right now, with a massive 50% discount on its WordPress hosting. This makes it perfect for those wanting to trail a service. 

While it doesn't quite have as many features as some of the best WordPress hosting options above, the price alone makes it more than worth a consideration.