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New talent: Falmouth University 2015 show

If you're looking for the best new graduates for your studio or agency, don't miss Computer Arts' New Talent special, issue 243, featuring the team's handpicked selection of the UK's best graduates – on sale 24 July 2015.

We are always impressed with the creative talent emerging from Falmouth University, and this year didn't fail to impress.

Computer Arts art editor Jo Gulliver paid a visit to the show: here are her highlights from the Graphic Design, Illustration, Creative Advertising and Digital Media BA courses...

Be sure to check them out at D&AD New Blood next week, and come and say 'hi' on the Computer Arts stand too.

01. Hamish Gardner

Hamish Gardner - D&AD New Blood brief for Airbnb

For his Airbnb Postbook, Hamish Gardner was inspired by a Christmas card that was passed back and forth between his family
  • Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design
  • Project: D&AD New Blood brief for Airbnb

This year, Airbnb set a D&AD New Blood brief to explore how the brand can creatively empower its existing community, and extend the feeling of 'belonging' to a new audience.

Hamish Gardner's solution was to create The Postbook: a communal journal which travels around within a city. Hosts and guests are invited to contribute to the book by sharing stories, information or recommendations that they want to pass on to the next recipient.

Gardner was inspired by a source very close to home: "We had a Christmas card that was repeatedly sent back and forth between my family and my Granddad," he recalls. "Also, public bookcases are such an incredible representation of community."

02. Alexandra McGinn

Alexandra McGinn - Environmental illustrations

Alexandra McGinn's environmental illustrations address the harmful impact that humans have on the world
  • Course: BA (Hons) Illustration
  • Project: Environmental illustrations

Alexandra McGinn's environmental illustrations focuses on the harmful impact that humans can have on the world, taking in themes ranging from deforestation to endangered species.

"I have always found it a challenge working with colour – until this project," admits McGinn. "Here, I was determined to use colour as a way of further pushing the 'warning' message to the audience. That's why the colours are so striking and bright."

03. Elena Kukushkina

Elena Kukushkina - MOW

Elena Kukushkina 's MOW app encourages its users to live in the moment
  • Course: BA (Hons) Digital Media
  • Project: MOW app

For her final project, Elena Kukushkina chose to create an app that focuses on the transience of time. Entitled MOW, it represents the concept of being 'in the moment, now' – M stands for 'moment', and 'ow' is taken from 'now'.

"In terms of an app mechanics, I came up with the 'philosophy of randomness'," explains Kukushkina. "It meant that users never know when the next notification will come."

MOW makes a choice what kind of information will be recorded: audio, video, photo or note. "This random element helps emphasise that every moment is special and unique," she adds. "It reminds that you even though you might be doing your everyday routines, there is still something special about it."

Elena Kukushkina - MOW

MOW presents the passing of time as a continuous wavy line

Time is represented as continuous curved lines, making a coloured abstract landscape – new moments appear in the foreground, while older moments are paler and flatter in the background.

04. Will Moir and Elliot Bates

Will Moir & Elliot Bates - ASDA Smart Food

Will Moir and Elliot Bates photographed 'smart foods' to emphasise their link to intelligence
  • Course: BA (Hons) Creative Advertising
  • Project: Smart Food campaign for ASDA

Will Moir and Elliot Bates took an ingenious approach to the college's open brief to "take a brand and do something positive with it, to allow it to do good."

The duo's Smart Food campaign for ASDA highlights a range of foods that aid brain development, with the 'smart foods' themselves shot to resemble objects symbolic of intelligence, such as a brain-like cauliflower.

05. Emily Day

Emily Day - Book of Illustrated Quotes & Sayings

Emily Day interpreted a David Attenborough quote for Falmouth's Book of Illustrated Quotes & Sayings
  • Course: BA (Hons) Illustration
  • Project: Book of Illustrated Quotes & Sayings

Emily Day chose to illustrate the David Attenborough quote: "I just wish the world was twice as big, and half of it was still unexplored" for this year's Book of Illustrated Quotes & Sayings, an annual round-up of the graduating illustration talent compiled by the students at Falmouth University.

Emily's illustration represents botanical gardens, which she feels for many people are unexplored tropical worlds: "I want the viewer to want to explore my artwork, so I used the negative shapes of leaves to suggest animals," she explains. "If you really look closely, there are insects hidden everywhere."

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