New talent: Leeds College of Art degree show 2015

06. Charlie Rotherham and Emily Lodge

Spectrum, by Charlie Rotherham and Emily Lodge

Within their exhibition space, Rotherham and Lodge wanted to capture the essence of the Spectrum brand
  • Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design
  • Project: Spectrum

A joint project between Charlie Rotherham and Emily Lodge, Spectrum applies the 'colour' theme to a fictional confectionary brand. "Each sweet is named by the description of its taste rather than the fruit name," explains Lodge.

Besides the identity itself, Rotherham and Lodge also developed a series of promotional posters and packaging boxes for each individual flavour.

Spectrum, by Charlie Rotherham and Emily Lodge

The duo developed a series of vinyl stickers to produce a cohesive brand identity for Spectrum

"All sweets have their own individual colour and illustration reflective of its fruit, and when put together, this creates a colour spectrum," adds Rotherham.

07. Kate Green

Square Eye Printing logo, by Kate Green

Kate Green's logo for the Square Eye Printing video channel was inspired by movable type
  • Course: BA (Hons) Visual Communication
  • Project: Square Eye Printing

Described by its creator Kate Green as a "21st century solution to promoting a 500-year-old craft", the Square Eye Printing video channel is an attempt to engage a new audience for the art of letterpress printing.

While initially focussed on Yorkshire, Green expanded the proposition to incorporate any printing method from any location, and integrated the website with social media, including Instagram.

Demo of Square Eye Printing website, by Kate Green

Green demonstrated the Square Eye Printing channel at the grad show. "I feel I haven't even scratched the surface yet," she grins

"I initially set off in the direction of a longer, more solemn documentary that mourned the loss of print, but the more I spoke to printmakers and the potential audience the more I moved towards short online videos that celebrated the people who are keeping print alive," she smiles.

Green's biggest challenge? "Becoming a film-maker," she admits. "Before this project I had only made a timelapse video and a stop motion video, both using still photography, so I definitely threw myself in at the deep end."

08. Sam Cook

Less Is More, by Sam Cook

Working out how to illuminate his letterforms without electricity was one challenge, admits Sam Cook - but so was kerning them on a wall
  • Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design
  • Project: Less Is More

Sam Cook took the old adage 'less is more' to heart in his final-year exhibition, with a bold statement about bold, minimal use of colour.

"The lettering uses natural light and fluorescent paper reflections to cast a strong orange glow on to the white wall, elevating the letterforms," he explains. "Less really is more."

Cook enjoyed the public's reaction to his installation. "The bright orange reflection makes the letterforms look back-lit, so it was interesting to see people try and work it out," he adds.

09. Isabel Tanner

Illustrative Insects, by Isabel Tanner

Since Isabel Tanner works primarily in black-and-white by choice, the colour theme proved something of a challenge
  • Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design
  • Project: Illustrative Insects

Isabel Tanner's creative process is heavily illustration-driven, all of which are created by hand. To tackle the theme of 'colour', she chose insects as her subject.

"A subtle use of colour was used to show a true representation of the insect, drawn in pencil, against a freehand illustrated interpretation of its appearance, drawn in pen," reveals Tanner.

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