Paralympics in design: The 5 best infographics

The London 2012 Paralympic Games kick off on Wednesday 29th August and to celebrate we've collected the very best Paralympic infographics. Featuring stats and facts as well as insights into how the Paralympics actually work, these infographics will clear up any confusions or questions. Will you be watching?

Schweppes Abbey Well's alternative facts

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An infographic that tells you all the alternative facts you'll ever need to know. Official sponsor Abbey Well created the infographic to tell us all about the weird and wonderful facts of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Did you know that the athletes will consume 75,000 litres of milk? Us neither, but we bet you're glad you know now!

The guide to wheelchair racing

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This brilliant infographic is just one of eight created by Allianz Insurance. This one for wheelchair racing explains the fundamentals behind the sport, including the sitting position and the wheelchair itself. Visit their website to see the other seven infographics, including swimmming, cycling and athletics.

London 2012 will be the biggest yet

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This infographic was created by Obergine; an award-winning web design, digital marketing and branding agency that have an impressive track record of delivering content managed campaigns. Their clients include Nielsen, Concha y Toro and the Oxford University Press. We love the colour scheme they've gone with on this one!

The Paralympics in numbers

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This infographic was created to showcase the differences between the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. The results are often surprising and the graphics portray the information perfectly. We loved the colour scheme and retro approach.

Fraser Davidson's Motion Graphics

Fraser Davidson created these motion graphics to explain the traffic light colour system Channel 4 will be using throughout the Paralympic Games coverage. The handy voiceover explains everything you'll need to know when watching the action so pay attention!

Which infographic did you find most helpful? Will you be watching the Paralympic Games? Let us know in the comments box below!

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