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Unleash your inner artist with the Monet Stylus

It's tough to get the precision needed on a touchscreen with just your fingers. For making the most of your mobile device, the Monet Stylus is the perfect accessory that will feel as smooth as pen on paper, and you can get it on sale now for just $14.99 (approx. £11)!

When it comes to writing and drawing on your iPad or other tablet, you won't find a tool more capable for the job than the Monet Stylus. It's the perfect tool for unleashing your artistic potential with its pressure-sensitive tip and a 165-degree writing angle. You'll be able to capture every brushstroke perfectly on your digital canvas with this accessory.

You can get the Monet Stylus on sale for just $14.99 (approx. £11). That's a savings of 24% off the retail price. If you need even more stylish stylus options, grab the Monet and DaVinci two-pack, available in the dropdown on the deal page.