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CUTE ALERT! Meet Drunky Bear and Carnivorous Bunny

Sebastien Millon is an artist and illustrator from Phoenix, Arizona. After creating a series of mischeivous characters, Millon has become a sensation with designers and art lovers as well as on the likes of Pinterest. His cheeky approach and child-like aesthetics make his creations instantly eye-catching and allow us to get lost in the world of Drunky Bear and Little Owlie.

Sebastien claims on his website that "his work is noted for its lack of vision and his art is usually muddled in a turbid stew of crockery. Many artists, art critics, and frankly most of the public views his work with great disdain and disrespects everything he is about (no one actually even knows what he is about, including the artist himself). Sebastien Millon's work lacks truth, vision, and sadly, any artistic integrity."

Once you've seen these 10 awesome examples, we think you'll agree with us that his self-description is just a case of severe modesty.

01. Carnivorous Bunny

Carnivorous Bunny is one of Sebastien's earliest creations. This little guy regularly makes an appearance, whether he's sitting on a mountain of carrots or preparing to embark on yet another killing spree.

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