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The feminine illustrations of Zara Pickens

One of our favourite Zara Pickens illustrations

This was one of our favourite illustrations in Pickens' portfolio

We're always keen to cast our eye upon fresh talent and these illustrations from Zara Pickens act as a perfect source of Monday morning inspiration. They may be full of feminine qualities but we think ladies and gents alike will love these creations!

Zara Pickens is an illustrator based in the North East of England who works with UK and international clients, creating illustrations for editorial, publishing, and advertising. She finds her inspiration in vast collections, large cities, literature and music as well as mid-century modern design and traditional paper-based ephemera.

Cool Zara Pickens illustration

Using the same colour-scheme throughout her work gives her work a distinctive style

Pickens' work combines digital and handmade elements, that begin with pencil drawings and are completed using Photoshop in a distinctive style. The work is ideas-led, as she approaches each brief with an open mind and focusing on conveying concepts and messages with a striking aesthetic.

We think she's got that striking aesthetic just right, with her stunning array of retro-inspired illustrations. Using the same colour scheme throughout her work also gives her a distinctive style that anyone will be able to recognise instantly.

Another Zara Pickens illustration

Pickens' work begins with pencil drawings and is completed in Photoshop

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