100 brilliant print adverts

76. McDonald's

Print ads: McDonald's

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Illustrator Helen Musselwhite worked with legendary advertising agency Leo Burnett to create this awe-inspiring paper illustration. The design is based around McDonald's upcoming collaboration with DK Books in conjunction with their Happy Meals.

77. Bioenergy Nutrition

Print ads: Bioenergy

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Italian heath supplements company Bioenergy Nutrition wanted to promote the benefits of low levels of cholesterol and triglyceri. Milanese advertising agency Alch1m1a ADV created this macabre series of print ads casting butter as the baddie in an instantly recognisable way - sculpting three well known horror icons out of the fatty spread.

78. Royal Legion

Print ads: Royal Legion

Image © Taylor James. Click the image to see the full size ad

Following the First World War, the poppy became a symbol of the war dead in Britain and Commonwealth countries - because the bright red flower was one of the only plants to grow on some of the worst battlefields. The Royal British Legion adopted it in 1921 to help it raise funds for war veterans, and the tradition of wearing one on the 11th November (the anniversary of the end of the war) began.

The buying and wearing of poppies remains central to British life and culture, but last year, The Legion felt the campaign needed an extra push. So it created this 2012 Poppy Appeal advertising campaign.

To reinforce the message that everyone in UK society should be wearing a poppy, each ad featured a cut-out poppy revealing several different backdrops from around the capital. The campaign was the work of Simone Micheli (art director) and Rob DeCleyn (copywriter) of The Gate (see their other work here) while the CGI work came courtesy of Taylor James.

79. Brucciani: Wi-Fi

Print ads: Brucciani: Wi-Fi

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The message behind this print ad might not be immediately obvious, but as soon as we got it we just had to share it with you. The subtle shading and use of colour is what makes this ad pop - just look at the Wi-Fi signal in the coffee cup!

It was created by UK advertising agency Big Communications, with executive creative director Dylan Bogg and creative director Billy Mawhinney. Art direction was taken care of by Ed Bentinck and designers Duncan Bancroft and Simon Dilks.

80. Master Trap: Casino

Print ads: Master Trap: Casino

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This clever little ad has been getting a lot of love and we can see why. It's simple, effective, and funny and those are three things that make print advertising work. With the tag line, "fatal attraction", it works perfectly with the casino and Master Trap affiliation.

Advertising Agency Ogilvy & Mather, based in Bangkok, Thailand took care of the campaign and we think they've done a great job. Creative directors Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke and Nopadol Srikieatikajohn have already collaborated on a number of successful ads and we think this one for Master Trap is certainly one of their best.

81. Jeep - Earth Day

Example of print ads

The team at ad agency Draftfcb ask a good question...

To conincide with Earth Day this week, ad agency Draftfcb in Tel-Aviv, Israel created this simple but effective poster design for Jeep. Using a symbolic green background, simple graphics display a Jeep falling off the side of the Earth, with the poignant tagline 'If there is no planet, where will you drive?' underneath. Good question.

82. Champion Dog

Examples of print ads

The Champion Dog campaign encouraged people to adopt a dog in need at Christmas

This adorable campaign by Lowe Porta for Champion Dogs really pulls at the heart strings. Wanting to encourage people to adopt (rather than buy) a dog at Christmas, the Chilean-based ad agency developed a series of touching scenes featuring super-cute, present-shaped puppies.

83. Jim Rickey

Real life platform game print ad

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Christian Aslund drew on the spirit of platform games such as Mario for this print advertising campaign for sneaker brand Jim Rickey.

The photographer shot the models in awkward horizontal positions on the streets of Hong Kong, using a telelens to make the images appear flat and the scenes vertical.

Aslund served as both creative director and photographer on the project, dubbed 'Honkey Kong', alongside Jan Andreen, Loa Bie and Sofia Cederstrom.

84. Aizone

Print ads: Sagmeister campaign for Aizone

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Sagmeister & Walsh have been creating campaigns for Beirut luxury department store Aizone since 2010, with a focus on only black and white executions. This time, they decided to mix things up and add a splash of colour.

Whilst Sagmeister & Walsh took care of the art direction, Henry Hargreaves worked as the photographer on the project. If you'd like to see more imagery from the campaign, you can visit the Sagmeister & Walsh official site.

85. Quebec Automobile Insurance Society

Print ads: Quebec Automobile Insurance

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Driving safety is a daunting task for any creative agency - it has to provoke a strong and lasting impression with an important message whilst still being creatively sound. This campaign from Lg2, an agency based in Canada does all these things and more.

Although a somewhat vintage idea, the seatbelt is used to showcase the important message and incourage young drivers to ensure their own safety. Creative direction and copywriting was overseen by Luc Du Sault and the campaign features a further two ads.

86. The Guardian US

Print ads: Guardian

This clever campaign shows both sides of each argument

Using illustrations by Noma Bar, these print ads for the American launch of British newspaper The Guardian depict both sides of core political debates in the US, such as internet privacy, gun control, women in the military and the use of condoms in the adult film industry.

Appearing at key locations throughout the country as outdoor ads and mobile billboards, each illustration represents one opinion of the issue. When the poster is flipped, it effortlessly illustrates the opposite view.

87. Exito

print ads: exito

Don't let your water to taste like the contents of your fridge

There's nothing quite like a glass of fresh, ice-cold water straight from the fridge. Aware of this, Latin American supermarket Exito recently developed a special bottle with seven layers, designed to preserve the taste of the H2O inside.

In a print campaign to promote the new product, advertising agency Sancho BBDO developed this clever series of ads, featuring some of the more pungent things one might keep in the fridge, including salmon and green onions, being poured into glass containers.

88. Academia do rock classics

print ads: rock school

Rock classes now for kids in this adorable print campaign

These adorable print ads created by Brazilian based agency Yeah! aim to portray "rock classes now also for kids." Featuring The Beatles as well as a host of other bands, this simple print ad approach is colourfully eye-catching as well as appealing to kids and grown-ups alike. We especially love the Ozzy Osbourne tribute.

89. Sharpie

print ads: sharpie

We love the comic book execution of this print ad

Pen giant Sharpie has produced some marvellous print ads over the years and kept up with design trends galore. Brazilian based agency Draftfcb creates these clever print ads with the tagline 'One story. Two Points'. In the ad above, the Sharpie is depicting the two sides of the sucess of Facebook. We love the comic book execution. Which side will you believe?

90. CSI

print ads: csi

Using evidence as a maze, this print ad promotes the popular TV show CSI

Fans of the hugely successful TV show CSI will love these print ads promoting it. With the slogan 'let the clues show you the way', this design by Publicis uses evidencial marks as mazes to a corpse, brilliantly summing up the investigative show's appeal.

91. The Potting Shed

print ads: Potting Shed

Print ads don't have to be technically sophisticated - this brilliant campaign uses just two lengths of thread and some pins

Adverts for wealth management companies often show dull stock images of businessmen standing about. But these print ads for Jersey-based firm Affinity Wealth Management are a world apart.

Created by design agency The Potting Shed, each of these beautiful and elegant images was designed by the group and then created by junior designer Sam Falla using just two lengths of thread and some pins. The beauty of the concept lies in its simplicity particularly in its choice of two colours and a set of simple images.

92. FedEx: USA - Brazil

Print advertising: FedEx

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FedEx have had plenty of campaigns in the past but this simple execution of its services really does the job. The use of colour used for the U.S.A. and Brazil against the wall colour ensure this print advert looks realistic yet artistic. The campaign also ensures that the FedEx package is the centre of attention without being too bolshy.

This series also features China - Australia and London - Spain but the contrasting colours of the countries with the walls seem to let them down; unlike this highly original example of print advertising. The 'express' is also boldly executed thanks to the quick passing of the package.

93. Zoo Safari

Print advertising: Zoo Safari

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This print advertising truly lives up to its tagline: 'Blend In.' The photography, along with Photoshop expertise and the gorgeous colours, make the campaign cute yet sophisticated. DDB is known for its innovative take on products and campaigns such as this Chuppa Chups advertisment and its breast cancer awareness series.

The Zoo Safari series also features a tiger and a gorilla (which are both equally humorous) collating the three print ads as one of the most creative campaigns we've had the pleasure of placing our eyes upon.

94. Electro Recycling Robot

Electro Recycling Robot

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Look! A robot poos electronic stuff! Ha ha! But really, this print advertising campaign from Euro RSCG is a tongue-in-cheek execution of quite a serious issue (electronic recycling). You may be wondering how an excreting robot is relevant but it all becomes clear with the tag line, 'potty train your e-waste'.

The artistic direction is simple yet effective. The font at the bottom of this print ad is also big enough to entice the reader's attention and ensure the message has firmly been executed.

95. Pizza & Love: Fight for the Amazonas

Print advertising: Pizza & Love

Click the image to see the enlarged ad

Most companies have been jumping on the green bandwagon for some time now (and so they should!). But one that is probably least likely to do so is a pizza restaurant/take-away. This campaign was designed to raise awareness of its eco-friendly packaging (100 per cent recycled pizza boxes) and its use of only organic products.

The execution is brilliantly done, from the broccoli forest to the greasy planet in the background. Also notice the peace logo in the bottom left hand corner: it's another pizza! Little touches such as these is what makes print advertising so innovative.

96. Beck's: Art in Progress

print ads

Vault49 bring their illustrative skills to the table once again

British born, New York-based design studio Vault49 brought its inimitable style to this illustration-led campaign for Beck's beer. Reflecting a growing trend for production-line-style visuals that reflect the creation process - also noticeable in Nike's Reuse-a-Shoe campaign - the ad explores the different elements that go into a bottle of Beck's, from an imaginative, conceptual viewpoint rather than a literal representation of the production process.

97. Pantone: Rain Edition

print ads

Rainwater is given a splash of colour in this print ad

A collaborative effort between Italian creatives Giuliano Lo Re and Matteo Gallinelli, this inspiring campaign for Pantone puts colour front and centre, as you'd expect for the kings of the special ink. But rather than play the well-worn rainbow card, the duo opted to explore the relationship between colour and water - particularly rainwater.

98. Marmite: Don't Forget It

print ads

You won't forget Marmite in a hurry with this series of print ads

Adam&EveDDB have gone one step further with the 'Love it or hate it' theme in this latest print and TV campaign for Marmite, satirising animal cruelty appeals by "raising awareness" of woefully neglected Marmite jars across Britain. You can watch the accompanying TV commercial here.

99. Scribe pencils

Top examples of print advertising

From extinct to mythical creatures, anything is possible with Scribe pencils

The illustrations in this beautifully executed campaign for Scribe pencils do all the talking. The idea being to 'Bring your ideas to reality', artist Hernan Marin created three eye-catching drawings of a dinosaur, mermaid and unicorn, which almost have a lifelike, 3D quality to them. Conceived and executed by Bogota-based ad agency Melborp, the campaign highlights the endless creative possibilities with these pencils.

100. French Ministry of Health

Top examples of print advertising

Ice cream, anyone?

This ad campaign for the French Ministry of Health highlights the growing the growing issue of obesity in children. An original concept, the illustration, art directed and copy written by David Lesage, features an image of an ice cream, topped with a big belly. The copy reads "L'obesite commence des le plus jeune age," meaning "obesity starts at a young age."

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