Dallas gets a brand new logo

The new logo has a clean, confident look

The city of Dallas has a new logo design and slogan, which are part of a new $5 million branding and marketing campaign in a bid to boost tourism. Unveiled today, the new logo replaces the 'Live Large, Think Big' logo, used since 2004.

With an entirely new typeface, the fresh design also uses a star - the shape which features on the Texan state flag - to form the counter of the D.

We like the new, clean look, with a font and colour choice that looks modern and confident - and certainly has to be considered an improvement on the old logo (below), which looks more like it was designed in the 1980s than the 21st century. But we'd love to know what you think...

The city's new design replaces the old 'Live Large, Think Big' logo used since 2004

In a press release, Phillip Jones, chief executive of the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau commented, "The new logo and tag line aim to to convey an image of Dallas as a “city of success … where optimism meets opportunity.”

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