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11 apps to optimise your Mac

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If you're struggling to be more productive while working from home, you've come to the right place. With 11 top-notch apps designed to make your life easier, The Limited Edition Mac Bundle Ft. Parallels Desktop (opens in new tab) brings you everything you need to organise and streamline your daily process. Best yet, you can get the complete bundle today for only $59.99.

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Manage your data and documents

If you use both iOS and Windows, you'll understand the struggles of transferring files back and forth. Parallels Desktop, a state of the art tool providing hardware virtualisation for Macs, brings you a groundbreaking solution for opening Windows programs on your Mac. You'll be able to run thousands of Microsoft based software and even be able to play graphic-intensive games or run CAD programs without having to reboot.

Need further assistance with managing your data? iMazing and DeltaWalker Pro are here to help. Both premium programs that help you organize your data and documents seamlessly from PC to Mac – they'll make your life easier by having everything all in one place. If you're struggling with information overload, XMind 8 Pro is for you. With an advanced mapping system included, you'll be able to organize all your notes, presentations, timelines, and more, making your productivity levels rise to new heights.

Create and edit

If you're looking for editing software that lets you be more productive while collaborating with others, PDF Expert will be your new sidekick. PDF Expert enables you to edit text, links, or images on any PDF easily, with the ability to share the edits with anyone in an instant. If you need help with copy or images that will be placed in different places, TextExpander will save you time with an innovative shortcut algorithm. Just drop the text or image into your collection and create a shortcut to auto-fill content anywhere on your Mac.

Need a bit of creative assistance? With Aurora HD, you'll be able to transform your everyday photos into works of art. Named the world's leading HDR photo editor, this software automatically eliminates noise in your photos and lets you share them directly to any social platform. With an app like RapidWeaver 8, you'll even be able to create and edit a website with zero coding experience. Hundreds of features allow you to customise your site and seamlessly be compatible with devices of all types. 

Keep your data private and safe

You'll also have access to online privacy and data recovery apps such as Disk Drill Pro and Windscribe VPN. With outstanding reviews online, these apps will help ease your mind about keeping your data safe and protected while you work or browse the internet. Best yet, there is no limit to the number of devices you can use at a time, allowing for simultaneous protection.  

Voted one of the best Mac bundles of the year, The Limited Edition Mac Bundle Ft. Parallels Desktop (opens in new tab) can be yours today for only $59.99 – that's 94 per cent off its original price of over $1000. 

*Prices subject to change. 

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