Beautiful map reveals the secrets of the 2016 Rio Olympics


The 31st Olympics games are only a few days away, and while we've already looked at how the Rio 2016 logo was created, as well as the official graphics for the event, there's still a lot to learn about the host city itself. To guide you through the city of Rio, Bristol-based creative agency Fiasco Design have put together this charmingly illustrated interactive map.

Famous landmarks get an animated makeover

Realised with fresh colours that pop off the screen, and brought to life with smooth animations, this interactive map of Rio doesn't pull any punches when it comes to recent headlines.

"Following all the controversies and negative press around the games, we wanted to design a map of Rio which users could interact with and explore to find out more information about the games," says Fiasco Design's creative director Ben Steers.

"The aim was to create something that would be fun to use and didn’t take itself too seriously."

Different games are spread across the city

The controversies in question include the discovery of severed feet near the Olympic beach volley-ball pitch, which get turned into a macabre scavenger hunt. There's also a 'Where's Wally' style game where users track down a hidden Guantanamo prisoner who's on the run.

Renowned sports stars are waiting to be discovered

It's not all cynical games though, sitting alongside them are factual pop outs that appear when you hover over famous landmarks. These cover everything from the towering Christ the Redeemer statue to controversial cable cars. There are also sports fans dotted around the city, ready to strike a pose and blurt out an encouraging tweet when you pass over them.

Fans are on hand to offer their supportive tweets

Topped off with custom sound effects by Bristol's Bunkersonix, this interactive map offers a fun and refreshingly honest take on the Brazilian city. And if you want to help others explore Rio, be sure to share the map and get tweeting with #MapofRio.