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Free! PluralSight Unity Particles course

Download the Unity video course

In this course, you will learn how to take advantage of Unity's powerful particle systems, to gain a fundamental understanding of how they work.

With these new skills in hand you'll be able to take the workflows learned and apply them to many different visual effects for your realtime, interactive projects.

Download your files here (577MB)

Sculpt a character in VR

Sculpt a character in VR

Glen Southern shows you, step by step, how to sculpt a character in this in-depth tutorial, using Oculus Medium.

Download the video files here (3.9GB)

Speed concepting tutorial

Speed concepting in Blender

Pierrick Picaut, our cover artist this month, demonstrates how you can the use Blender's powerful tools, to rapidly sculpt a feathery creature.

Download your files here (412MB)


Bootcamp: X-Particles

In the latest instalment of our bootcamp series Mike Griggs demonstrates the power and versatility of X-Particles, the popular plugin for Cinema 4D.

Download your files here (1.1GB)

Artist Q&A

CG art problems solved!

This month our experts explain how to create interactive lamps in Unreal Engine and build realistic terrains using Blender.

Download your videos and files here (533MB)