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Epic Games buys ArtStation – and slashes seller fees

In news more harmonious than its recent battles with Apple, Epic Games has bought artist portfolio site, ArtStation. And crucially for creatives, the two companies have announced plans that will be the cause of much celebration in the digital art community.

In order to give back to creators, standard seller fees have been slashed from the current 30 per cent to just 12 per cent, and Pro members will now pay just 8 per cent, down from 20 per cent – and the new prices have already begun. Hurrah, indeed. Impressed enough to start creating? You'll need the best drawing tablets and top digital art software, too.

Epic Games

Epic Games has bought ArtStation (Image credit: Epic Games/ArtStation)

According to a statement from Epic Games and ArtStation, the site won't be changing too much, and will still be working as an "independently branded platform" for creators across 2D and 3D art. So if you like things how they are, there's not too much to worry about. But, of course, you'll have more money in your pocket.

But, apparently, the opportunity to collaborate with the Unreal Engine team will allow for growth, with "expanded tools, resources and connections", allowing the teams to "integrate new features and tools that expand creators' ability to showcase their talent and artwork". We're happy to say it all sounds rather positive.

Epic Games and ArtStation have enjoyed a close relationship for some time now, with a blog post explaining that a "Megagrant" from Epic Games has helped ArtStation stay float during recent uncertain times. And, in further good news, Epic Games has also announced its plans to grow the ArtStation team, and says the ArtStation Learning portal will be made free for all members until the end of 2021.

After all the brand wars going on in the last week (did you see that Amazon logo dispute?), the collaboration and creator-focused progress is brilliant to see. We look forward to finding out how the site develops in the near future.

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