Master figure drawing with this unique sketchbook

There are certain skills every artist needs to master, such as how to draw landscapes with realistic perspective or objects with a good sense of proportion. But possibly the most intricate and necessary of these foundational skills is learning how to create the human figure.

Made up of many different masses and shapes, the human figure is a challenging form to draw accurately. And without access to real life models, studying and practicing the various builds of the human body can be difficult.

That's where the How To Draw: Figures sketchbook comes in. Created by Mark Kokavec and released by Render Demo, the book is designed as a straightforward way to learn the basics of figure drawing. Inside, the journal contains all the necessary resources to get aspiring artists sketching the human anatomy easily.

Draw human forms easily with the help of unique templates

By breaking the human body down into different sections, How To Draw: Figures simplifies the whole process. On top of this, each section contains templates of the different sections of the body which artists can use to help them figure out how to draw, legs, feet, torsos and more.

As the book progresses, these templates are reduced into more basic shapes. The thinking behind this is that as artists become more accomplished at sketching the human body, they will need to rely less and less on these guidelines. Think of it as the artistic equivalent of taking off the training wheels. 

Different templates tackle individual body parts

Each template is depicted with non-photo blue lines, which means that users can scan their illustrations into PhotoShop and remove the guidelines relatively easily. This then leaves behind the illustration for posterity.

Printed on high-quality 100g paper, this journal is also capable of holding a variety of mediums including pen, graphite, and crayons.

The book aims to give artists a better understanding of the human body

 The sketchbook has only just recently launched on Kickstarter in a bid to gather funds for printing and distribution, but it's already smashed its target. It's not too late to get involved though, and if you get enough people to recommend your pledge you can grab a copy of this unique sketchbook for free.