66 free Photoshop actions

Free Photoshop actions: Special effects

53. Vectorize Me Babe

Free Photoshop actions: Vectorize Me Babe

Get a vector look without Live Trace

Giving photos a vector look can be hard work; the obvious thing to do is paste them into Ilustrator and use Live Trace, but getting the effect you want can take a lot of fiddling with settings. Instead, use Vectorize Me Babe; put it into action and you'll get an instant vector effect, which you can amplify by simply running the action again.

54. Glitch Effect

Free Photoshop actions: Glitch Effect

Get your glitch on with this fabulous free action

You can't beat the look of stuff recorded onto a knackered old VHS tape, and this free action by Syed Faraz Ahmad does a pretty good job of recreating it, with plenty of glitches and colour smearing.

55. Plexiglass

Free Photoshop actions: Plexiglass

Plexiglass makes it a doddle to add abstract effects to your photos

Transform your photos into posters, covers or backgrounds for text with Plexiglass, a set of Photoshop actions that make it easy to add abstract effects and borders to any image with a single click.

56. 3D Isometric Map

Free Photoshop actions 3D Map

Why bother with flat maps when you could have an isometric 3D map?

A brilliant action that converts a flat vector map into an isometric 3D map mockup. There are three different styles of map available: sand, ice and grass, and the action also allows you to drop in your choice of buildings, trees, landscape elements and signs.

57. Pencil Draw

Free Photoshop actions: pencil draw

Quickly turn a colour photo into a pencil sketch

This action uses contrast to find the edges in your image and automatically render a pencil sketch effect. Start from a full-colour image with no need to convert to black and white first.

58. Stickers and Tapes

Free Photoshop actions: stickers n tape

Stickers and tape in one package!

Create round stickers with a curl in the corner, or polaroid-style images with clear sticky tape holding them in place. This site requires you to register for free before you can download the action.

59. 1930s Glitter Text

Free Photoshop actions: 1930s glitter text

Get a bit of glam with this snazzy effect

Automatically convert your text into a snazzy 1930s-style retro treatment with shiny sequins and a nice 3D effect. It’s also easy to adjust after running the action, as all the layers are retained.

60. Stamp Generator

Free Photoshop actions: stamp generator

Please don't use this to forge postage stamps

Turn an image into a stamp automatically using an included Photoshop brush to define how the frill will sit along the edge of the final artwork.

61. Denim & Leather

Free Photoshop actions: denim and leather

If you're planning your own range of jeans, this is a must

This Photoshop action automatically generates a blue denim texture, 'sews' on a leather patch and embosses your own artwork onto the leather. The nice, simple and effective output could be adapted for a variety of purposes.

62. Spotlight

Free Photoshop actions: Spotlight

Make details stand out with this virtual spotlight

Make the focal point of an image really stand out with this action from Christopher Fowler, which will train a virtual spotlight on your picture.

63. Fold Paper

Free Photoshop actions: paper fold

Turn artwork into a virtual mockup with this neat effect

Automatically render your artwork onto a trifold paper design in pseudo-3D, complete with shadows and shading on the image. Ideal for rendering paper designs ahead of presenting them on-screen to clients.

64. Long Shadow

free photoshop actions: Long shadow

Still doing flat design? Here's the cherry for your flat cake

This free Photoshop action allows you to create a long shadow from your text content, and you can tweak the shadow's opacity.

65. Triptych Generator

free photoshop actions: Triptych Generator

Create standard triptych panels for print

Generate standard triptych panels for print, with a 3D effect visual triptych generator also available. Print sizes include 1000x600mm, 1300x800, 1600x1000 with 50mm depth at 288dpi.

66. Action 3D

Free Photoshop actions: Action 3D

Get a fake 3D effect with this channel-juggling action

This quirky action from JonasFan93 creates a pseudo 3D anaglyphic image by separating out colour channels within your image and offsetting them. This freebie offers a number of different styles that are more suitable for use in printed brochures and website design where you’re aiming for a stylised effect.

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