Top print ads of August 2013

Print advertising is an extremely powerful marketing tool. Aware of this, ad agencies are constantly pushing creative boundaries in order to reach their target audience. Here are five of our favourite print ads released this month...

01. WWF

Print ad: WWF

BBDO Spain created this powerful print ad to highlight the issue of extinction

Earlier this month, BBDO Spain released this powerful print ad campaign for the World Wildlife Fund. Featuring a white polar bear in a garage workshop, the aim is to highlight that there are no tools that can fix extinction.

02. McDonald's

Print ads: McDonald's

TBWA Shanghai developed this cool new print ad featuring a box of fries carved out of a potato

McDonald's are constantly coming up with innovative new ways of advertising, this brilliant print ad being the fast-food chain's latest offering. The eye-catching design, created by TBWA Shanghai, features a box of fries, carved from the very ingredient from which they're made.

03. Velo marathon

Print ads: Velo Marathon

AD McCann Vilnius designed this clever print ad for the annual Velo marathon

We really like this design for the European Velo Marathon, an annual biking event in which around 10,000 cyclists take part. Designed by McCann Erickson, Lithuania, the clever concept features a city-like scene set on the gears of a bike, accompanied by the tagline 'Move the City'.

04. Volkswagen

Print ads: Volkswagen

Turn on your adventure with this new print ad campaign for Volkswagen

To advertise the fact that you can get more than 620 miles out of single tank of fuel with Volkswagen's Amarok, ad agency Below developed a series of print ads, inviting people to 'turn on adventure'. The clever concept features three images with the groves of the car keys transformed into a city, safari and mountain landscape.

05. Alzas Bajas magazine

Print ads: Alzas Bajas

This beautiful print ad was developed by JWT, Buenos Aires for Argentinian magazine Alzas Bajas

This beautiful print ad was developed by JWT, Buenos Aires for Argentinian magazine Alzas Bajas. The team created four paper-like images, including this gorgeous wildlife scene. Each are accompanied a small amount of explanatory text followed by the tagline 'more information, less risk'.

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