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The 10 best new notebooks of 2015

06. Code&Quill

Code and Quill

These notebooks come with a unique page layout

Aimed squarely at designers, the latest notebooks from Code&Quill are a durable pair that keep users organised. Thanks to left hand pages printed with dot grids, and narrow ruled pages on the right with vertical dashes every 5 millimeters, keeping your thoughts, lists and code in order has never been easier.

07. Book Block

Book Block

Create your own tailor made journal with Book Block

Can't find the perfect notebook? Wish you could customise everything from the paper to the cover's elastic colour? You're in luck, the Book Block project run by London design agencies Mustard and Monsieur Notebook lets you pick and choose the design of your journal.

08. Moleskine PRO

Moleskine PRO

The Moleskine PRO helps to boost your productivity

Packed with plenty of extra features, including an accordian file, adhesive tabs, toolbelts and more, the Moleskine PRO range will help even the most notorious procrastinators maximise their productivity.

09. Colouring notebook

Colouring notebook

Take notes and colour in with this all in one book

In the wake of the huge popularity of adult colouring books, this notebook is one of those brilliant ideas we all wish we'd thought of. Designed during a trip with friends, the creator of The ColoringNotebook combined colouring-in templates with ruled pages to stimulate creativity and relieve stress.

10. Baron Fig

Baron fig

These sturdy books have been carefully crafted from scratch

Aiming to redefine what the notebook is, Baron Fig have built their journals up from scratch to produce something really special. Built around the demands of designers everwhere, these smart books are constantly evolving to improve the user experience. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

Have you got a favourite new notebook that didn't make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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