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5 beautiful board game designs

Board games have been entertaining adults and children alike for decades but they all tend to look quite similar when it comes to the design. Here, we pick a few beautiful board games as well as classic versions, such as Monopoly, that have been given a modern twist.

01. 3D Monopoly

board game designs

The Big Apple goes 3D with this redesign of the classic Monopoly board game

Although the original design still remains a firm favourite, it's also great at reinventing itself, with different versions for different cities around the world and even variations like Star Wars Monopoly. Now this design, focused around New York City, features a cool 3D pop-up effect.

Designed by pop artist and NYC resident Charles Fazzino, every element - from the currency to the game pieces - has been specially designed to fit the Big Apple theme.

02. Pulp Fiction Guess Who?

board game designs

Quentin Tarantino influences this brilliant Guess Who? game design

Quentin Tarantino has not only influenced Hollywood - his movies have inspired designers across the world with their twisted tales of violence, relationships and of course, a few laughs in between. Here, designer Joe Stone has brilliantly recreated the classic Guess Who? board game in the style of Pulp Fiction for a friend's birthday.

"I drew each character in the style of the original game, making careful note of facial features like nose size, mouth size and eye colour to ensure that it actually functioned as a working version of Guess Who? as well as referencing the film," Stone explains.

03. Story

board game designs

Story is a board game that focuses on the beauty of photography

Graphic design based Story is a board game developed by Ninja Print, based on photos and storytelling. The photo editor for the product was taken care of by John Wennerberg, with gorgeous, polaroid inspired pieces making it a marvel to look at.

04. Queue

board game designs

There was only supposed to be one edition of Queue made but it has since sold 90,000 copies

Queue - also known as 'Communist Monopoly' - has become an unexpected commercial success. Originally it was thought as an educational game, with only one edition was planned. So far 90,000 games have sold, with English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Polish and Russian versions.

"We tried to recreate the mood of years of communism in Poland by analyzing the specific typography, creating elaborate illustrations with collage techniques, stylizing the photos of original items from the communist era and creating the set of promotional lines - reflecting the specific language of those days," creators Manuka Studio explain.

05. Sopravvissuti

board game designs

Geometric shapes take centre stage in this survival board game

Using beautiful geometric shapes, Sopravvissuti is pretty much like a board game version of Lost; the opponents are stranded on a desert island after a plane crash and must use their initiatives to survive before they're rescued. Created by Milan based designer Magiò Marco Agosta, it's a thing of beauty.

Have you seen an inspiring board game design? Let us know in the comments box below!