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20 top 2016 calendars for designers

It's that time of year again where everyone can indulge in a bit of stationery porn. Choosing a calendar is a thrill for many, whether it's the touch of a beautifully hand-made desk calendar that delights or the thrill of finding the perfect combination of space to scribble and at-a-glance organisation.

Here are a few that have grabbed our attention – perfect for studio wall, freelance desk or office break-out space.

01. Limited edition letterpress calendar

Designed and hand-printed by The Smallprint Company, this limited edition letter press calendar features 13 specimen sheets showing a selection of vintage metal types from the company’s library. A lovely collection, showing off the art of the letter press, the individual prints are special enough to last beyond 2016.

02. Travel poster calendar

You can’t go wrong with vintage travel posters as a monthly highlight on your wall, and there are a number of them that take advantage of the retro illustration style. This calendar presents a fine selection of vintage travel posters, bound as an oversized wall calendar.

03. Birds in hats desk calendar

This colourful desk calendar features birds in hats – and why not? The intricate illustrations by London illustrator Alice Tams reference a different country and their national celebrations each month. So say hello to an atlantic puffin celebrating St David's Day, a common loon in Queen Victoria's 'little crown' and their companions.

04. Printable foodie calendar

Grab yourself some decent quality paper and a good printer, and a wealth of printable calendars are at your finger tips. This one by Sam Osborne features tempting food and drink illustrations for designers with a foodie penchant. For the asking price, you receive a printable PDF that you are able churn out at will.

05. Star Wars wall calendar

There's a lot of Star Wars paraphernalia about in the run-up to the release of the much-anticipated pre-Christmas sequel, so we had to include at least one calendar showing off the iconic movie brand to full effect. We particularly like this example by David O'Mara: clean and minimal in illustration style and colour scheme.

06. Letterpress desk calendar

The pleasing graphic designs featured in this letterpress calendar are taken from vintage quilt blocks and will brighten up any desk. Printed in eight different colours, the individual cards are contained within a hand-cut, stained and polyurethaned block created by designer Jeff Bazer of LinevilleLetterpress.

07. Typographic Wall planner

Wall planners are ideal for design studios, offering a year at a glance in a convenient spot. This A1 year planner is printed on 150gsm natural white paper, with geometric, Bauhaus-inspired letters, a fresh green grid and weekends emphasised in grey– and most importantly, plenty of scribble room. Will surely look a tad less minimal at year-end.

08. Mid century modern

For the retro-design lovers, this mid-century-inspired 2016 calendar adds a dash of colour to the room. You can even request your own size or colour-combination. More decorative than strictly practical, it nonetheless offers a fresh take on the new year.

09. Rainbow wall calendar

Dubbed by designer Anette Pörtner as the 'How much longer?' year planner, this rainbow-hued planner visualises abstract concepts of time, such as a week, month and year. The year has been divided into 52 rows of seven days each, with each month given a different colour; and there is enough space to jot down important dates. The latest version shows German holidays on one side and an international calendar on the other

10. Perforated Calendar

Devising a new format for a calendar is a perennial design challenge. This quirky little version lets you put each day to rest with a satisfying rip along its perforated lines. Its simple design is produced on Olin Smooth 220gsm and packed in a square Kraft box. Tied with string, and accompanied by a wooden peg to mark the day, it's humorous and understated.

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