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20 top 2016 calendars for designers

11. Printable desk calendar

Another desk calendar in digital form, this illustrated desk calendar can be printed at home. It features some simple, whimsical illustrations appropriate to each month, so make sure you print on appropriate quality paper to do them justice

12. 2016 year planner

This 2016 A1 year planner makes sure you never miss an important global event again, as every day of the year is marked with a special occasion. Whether you're particularly interested in the Alberquerque Balloon Festival, World DNA Day or the Euro 2016 finals might be moot, but it makes for interesting reading– and possible holiday inspiration. It also includes 60 icon stickers to mark special dates and appointments.

13. 2016 Cities calendar

Invite the world in to your studio with this gorgeous calendar, featuring twelve beautifully illustrated cities from around the world from Rifle Paper Co. Transport yourself to Venice, Cairo, Tokyo, London, Mexico City, Paris, New York, Rio De Janeiro, Amsterdam, Athens, Sydney and Moscow in 2016 with this spiral-bound wall calendar.

14. Helvetica wall calendar

There is usually plenty to go around for Helvetica lovers when it comes to gifts and stationery, and this year is no exception. This 2016 poster calendar, digitally printed on 260gsm silk board by Skinny Malink, is inspired by the Bauhaus movement, and suitably minimal and understated.

15. Colouring calendar

Apparently colouring in is the new yoga– colouring-in books are top sellers on Amazon these days. So feel free to grab this calendar, officially an 'educational toy', off your kids for a bit of rest and relaxation.

16. Year-long calendar

A simple design to hang on the wall. This decorative calendar for 2016 has a laser-cut leather buckle to keep track of the correct day, and there's enough space to jot down key words for each day, just.

17. Equinox 2016 Moon Phase Calendar

Even if you're not a gardener, a fisherman or an astrologer, this calendar has a pleasing and striking symmetry in its simple design so will suit any studio wall. Silk screen printed on midnight blue, it presents the moon phase for every night of the year.

18. Chalkboard sticker wall calendar

This re-usable wall sticker lets you plan your month on its faux-chalkboard surface, with enough room to make copious notes. Just wipe clean at the end of a month to start planning the next.

19. Lambretta calendar

Twelve vintage posters and illustrations featuring the iconic scooter to keep you entertained through the year. The classic calendar design also allows for plenty of appointments and reminders to be added.

20. Collins year planner

You can't go wrong with a standard year planner to keep you on track throughout 2016. These versions by Collins come in pleasing colour-ways, looking slightly less busy than some of their off-the-shelf office supply peers. If you're into no-nonsense planning, why not opt for this?

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