30 free font resources

11. The Fell Types

Download fonts Fell Types

You'll find modern digitalisations of these unique printing fonts

Igino Marini runs iKern: a service for autospacing and autokerning digital typefaces based on a mathematical model and programmes he's been developing since 2002. When he's not doing that, Marini has also set up a site devoted to the Fell Types with some modern revival fonts.

The Fell Types take their name from John Fell, a Bishop of Oxford in the 17th century, who created a unique collection of printing types. Here, you'll find digitalised versions of them for use in your design projects.

12. 1001 Free Fonts

Misnomer alert! We're certain that 1001 Free Fonts doesn't feature exactly 1001 free fonts; we reckon that it's actually a lot more than that – probably something more in the region of 10,001 – and all of them handily organised across 64 categories, along with the option to browse by designer.

13. Abstract fonts

Download fonts Abstract fonts

This place to download fonts has a clean interface

Abstract Fonts has one of the cleaner interfaces in this arena, and it's very easy to navigate. There's a custom font preview option and it's updated regularly, with about 14,000 fonts for you to choose from.

14. Jeff Schreiber

Download fonts Schreiber

It's quality, not quantity with Jeff's font creations

Jeff Schreiber is a designer, illustrator and typographer from Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Although he doesn't have too many fonts available on his site, it's all about quality and not quantity here. His 'Razor' creation is brilliant for print and poster work, while his 'Fat Frank' font offers a more playful approach.

15. Neogrey

Download fonts Neogrey

Be sure to check out Ivan's Multicoloure Vector font

Neogrey is the portfolio of Ivan Filipov. Working as a graphic and web designer, he's created some stunning fonts that he's very generously made available for free download. We particularly love his latest font, a multicoloured vector font.

16. Smashing Magazine

Download fonts Smashing

There's some great fonts to choose from on this round-up from Smashing Mag

Smashing Magazine provides a wide range of tutorials, inspiration and helpful advice for creatives on a daily basis. The site also has a great series of articles collating quality free fonts for you to choose from. These guys know what they're talking about, so it's a reliable place to download free fonts from.

17. Artill

Artill is minimalism at its best

Created by Lukas Bischoff, a designer based in Germany, Artill is a nice little website that's aimed purely at people wishing to download free fonts. Minimalism at its best, and some great typography to be sampled.

18. Typedepot

Download fonts Typedepot

Type design studio Typedepot offers both free and paid-for fonts

Typedepot is a nifty little type-design studio website that offers a number of free fonts for visitors to download. There are also great commercial fonts to buy. The project began as a sideline for studio founders Alexander Nedelev and Veronika Slavova, before they realised their true passion for typography and took it on full-time.

19. Wete

Download fonts Wete

Spanish designer Wete's site features some great free fonts to download

There are many ongoing typography projects to be found on Wetecacahuete.com. Wete is a Spanish graphic designer who loves typography and editorial design. Head here to download free fonts such as Favela.

20. Josip Kelava

Download fonts Kelava

Get some typographic inspiration from the work of Josip Kelava

Check out this gallery of design works created by Josip Kelava, a Melbourne-based designer. You’ll find elements of typographical inspiration in each of his projects, and you can download free fonts such as Metropolis into the bargain.

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