Thinking behind 2016 Olympics font revealed

Official Olympic pictures show how iconic images of Rio have inspired the new typeface (Photo: Dalton Maag)

The organisers of the Rio 2016 Olympic games have released details of how its official font was inspired.

The organic, flowing nature of the font is very much reflective of the Brazilian national spirit, say the organisers. "Each letter expresses a characteristic of the Rio 2016™ Games, its people and the city," a statement on its website reads. "The letters are written in single continuous strokes, with fast and fluid motions, suggesting the movements of the athletes in action."

The letter "r" is inspired by Pedra da Gávea (Photo: Dalton Maag)

"The strong contrast between thick and thin strokes was explored during the design process by putting brush to paper and writing by hand," the statement continues. "The variety of the curves in the different letters has a unique informality, inspired by the joyfulness of the Brazilian people."

Some letters are inspired by the movement of athletes (Photo: Dalton Maag)

The font, designed by Swiss designers Dalton Maag, has already helped to create a clear identity for the Rio Games, standing in sharp contrast to the stark, jagged shapes of the London 2012 font.

The new font can be seen in action in this short video:

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