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3D World files for issue 183

Here you'll find all the files, resources and video to accompany issue 183 of 3D World magazine.

3D World files for 183

To download the accompanying files for 3D World issue 183, simply click the link below each article and a zip file will automatically download the content to your Mac or PC.


showcase 183

Follow the extra process art for some of this issue's star artists in our showcase, including new views of Rodrigo Lira's Snow White.

Download Showcase files here (40MB)

Artist Q&A

Q&A 183

All the step screens, files and video you need to better understand our artists' answers to your questions.

Download Artist Q&A files here (9.4MB)

Click for video (484.4 MB)

In Focus: The Keeper

In Focus The Keeper

See Ongushi Piyavachara Arunotai's step-by-step images for his personal project The Keeper.

Download The Keeper files here (20.8MB)

Shortcuts: Unplugged

shortcuts Unplugged

Follow the Unplugged team's step-by-step images to creating their animation and watch the video.

Download Unplugged files here (38.5MB)

Click for video (340.9MB)

Feature: 3D Printing the future

3d printing issue 183

Step-by-step images to help you better understand Shapeways' 3D print process.

Download Printing for the future files here (2.7MB)

Tutorial: Build a mech in a futuristic scene

Saizen Media mech tutorial

David Bianca and Andrea Mancuso share their extra step-by-step images and video process to creating issue 183's Maya cover.

Download Build a mech tutorial files here (198.1MB)

Click for video (30.4MB)

Tutorial: Sculpt realistic cloth with ZBrush

cloth sculpt in Zbrush

Download the extra step images, Titouan Olive's prepared figure model and video for this ZBrush cloth turorial.

Download sculpt realistic cloth tutorial files here (24.8MB)

Click for video (112.3MB)

Core skills: Camera lens effects

core skills camera lens

Download Rob Redman's step-by-step images and the Cinema 4D support files for this tutorial.

Download camera lens effects files here (8.9MB)

Tutorial: An insight into game character production

annotated tutorial 183

Download Baj Singh's step images and process art as well as his final render to study.

Download game character production files here (4.8MB)

Tutorial: Create a detailed model for 3D printing

3d print a ring

Download Jason Kennedy's extra step-by-step images for his 3D printing tutorial, as well as video of the process.

Download model for 3D printing tutorial files here (17.7MB)

Click for video (216.6MB)

Tutorial: Master CG mech concept design

mech ZBrush tips

Download the extra art and tips images to accompany Riyahd Cassiem's mech tutorial.

Download master CG mech design here (46.7MB)

Tutorial: Flocking agents from one object to another

Lightwave tutorial

Process images and video tutorial files for Cody Burke's LightWave tutorial.

Download flocking tutorial files here (54.5MB)

Click for video (101.6MB)

Tutorial: Anatomy Part 4 - create a master model

anatomy tutorial

Download the extra step images and video process for Dan Crossland's final anatomy tutorial using ZBrush.

Download anatomy tutorial files here (30MB)

Click for video (10.8MB)

Words: Ian Dean

Ian Dean is editor of 3D World and has been writing about film, video games and digital art for over 15 years.

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