3D World files for issue 184

Here you'll find all the files, resources and video to accompany issue 184 of 3D World magazine.

3D World files for issue 184

To download the accompanying files for 3D World issue 184, simply click the link below each article and a zip file will automatically download the content to your Mac or PC.



Support files, extra art and process images to accompany the best digital art from around the community.

Download Showcase files here (3.8MB)

Artist Q&A

artist Q&A 184

Extra art, process and step images to help you follow the artist answers to your art queries.

Download Artist Q&A files here (54.9MB)

Community: Pennzoil


Watch MPC NY create their unique commercial that projects CG animation onto real water vapour during a car perfomance.

Click for video (406.2MB)

In Focus: Conan Under the Bossonian Rain

Conan in focus

Download extra step images and files for Giorgio Palombi's unique ZBrush sculpt of pulp legend Conan.

Click for files (66.3MB)

Feature: An Appetite For Destruction

godzilla vfx

Watch VFX scenes take shape from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Thor: The Dark World.

Click for video (517MB)

Tutorial: Simulate destruction with Bifrost & Bullet

Godzilla making of

Follow Victor Hugo's cover tutorial steps on your desktop to learn how to use Bifrost and Bullet in Maya 2015 and 3ds Max 2015.

Download destruction tutorial files here (29.5MB)

Tutorial: Making wood splinter

wood splinter

Watch the video of splintering wood using Pulldownit and follow the steps in images on your desktop.

Download wood splintering tutorial files here (15MB)

Click for video (3.9MB)

Tutorial: Streamline your rendering process

Follow Paul Hatton's process for improving your rendering workflow using his step screens and his State Sets for 3ds Max.

Download rendering tutorial files here (37.6MB)

Tutorial: Create natural chaos using cloning tools

Follow Rob Redman's advice for creating chaos in Cinema 4D using these extra step images.

Download natural chaos tutorial files here (3.4MB)

Click for video (82.9MB)

Tutorial: Working with Satellite data

All the step-by-step images and files you need to follow Alex Alvarez's advice for using satellite data in your terrain modelling.

Download working with satellite data tutorial files here (40.2MB)

Tutorial: Creating creatures using sculpt layers

Use these extra step-by-step images to follow Jesse Sandifer's workshop to model a creature in Mudbox 2015.

Download creating creatures tutorial files here (122.9MB)

Click for video (162.4MB)

Tutorial: Create a sci-fi racing vehicle in 3ds Max 2015

All the step-by-step images to follow Al Brady's 3ds Max 2015 concept tutorial, plus Al's final concept renders to study.

Download sci-fi racing vehicle tutorial files here (16.6MB)

Develop: Destruction Made easy

fracture FX

Use Fracture FX to destroy a tower, made easier with our video, step images and Scene files.

Download Fracture FX files here (6.5MB)

Click for video (112.5MB)

Project Insight part 2: Rigging a creature

Ningyo part 2

Follow the step-by-step files from acclaimed animator Dave Lo on his part in the creation of The Ningyo's creature.

Download rigging a creature files here (1.8MB)

Review: Plant Kit 4

Get more from our review of Laubworks' Plant Kit 4 with Rob Redbman's short video on using the plug-in.

Click for video (58.8MB)

Words: Ian Dean

Ian Dean is editor of 3D World and has been writing about film, video games and digital art for over 15 years.

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