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3D World download files for issue 197

Here you'll find all the files, resources and video to accompany issue 197 of 3D World magazine.

To download the accompanying files for 3D World issue 195, simply click the link below each article and a zip file will automatically download the content to your Mac or PC.

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Free: Digital-Tutors Video Courses

Together with Digital-Tutors we’re pleased to present three full video courses that cover creating content for games, from modelling in ZBrush and texturing in Substance Designer to developing assets for Unity.
The three tutorial courses include over six hours of easy-to-follow video, instructions from the author to guide you through these beginner courses.
These video courses are FREE to all readers for a limited time.

Showcase: Various artists

Download extra images, art and step-by-step tutorials for this issue's reader showcase projects.

Download your files here (31.4MB)

Artist Q&A: Various

Download the video and step-by-step images to follow this issue's Artist Q&A tutorials.

Download your files here (62.8MB)

Feature: 25 Unreal Engine 4 Techniques

Get started in Unreal Engine 4 environment creation with Alex Dracott's tips and techniques. In these resources to download, you'll find a video tutorial to create an environment, plus the models and textures used by Alex.

Download your files here (169.3MB)

Download your video here (3GB)

Tutorial: Model a mecha character 

Riyahd Cassiem shows how to create a 3D sci-fi android design for video games using 3D and 2D techniques. Download his hi-res step images to follow his training.

Download your files here (26.4MB)

Tutorial: Create motion graphics

Vikrant J Dalal explains how to produce motion graphics to achieve dynamic visual effects. Get closer to his training by downloading his 3ds Max and After Effects set-up files and video walkthrough.

Download your files here (21.4MB)

Download your video here (57.7MB)

Tutorial: Animation for games

Thiago Vidotto shows how to animate a run cycle for a video game character, download the step images and video walkthrough.

Download your files here (12.3MB)

Download your video here (880.8MB)

Tutorial: Real-time rendering textures

Wes McDermott talks through the map creation guidelines for the metal and roughness workflow, download his hi-res images.

Download your files here (79.1MB)

Tutorial: Master Marvelous Designer 4

Chris Chui talks through the essential features he uses in Marvelous Designer 4 to create complex clothing, download the video walkthrough and asset files.

Download your files here (16.3MB)

Download your video here (34.4MB)

3D Maker: Model a pendant

Learn the art of creating personalised jewellery as Aiman Akhtar takes you through the process of making a stylish dancer pendant. Get the final model file, and the process images.

Download your files and model here (12.2MB)

Develop: Create a Hollywood trailer

Alf Lovvold shares his process for putting together a blockbuster movie trailer. Download his making off images.

Download your files here (533.7MB)