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3D World download files for issue 205

Here you'll find all the files, resources and video to accompany issue 205 of 3D World magazine.

To download the accompanying files for 3D World issue 205, simply click the link below each article and a zip file will automatically download the content to your Mac or PC.

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Free! 40 Hours of Classic Video Training

Free this issue is a collection of classic 3D World video tutorials for Blender, After Effects, RealFlow, V-Ray, LightWave, Maya and more! Plus, get Steve Lambert's fanstatic guide to Disney's 12 Rules of Animation!

Download tutorial set one here (2.5GB)

Download your Maya tutorial here (2.7GB)

Download your Lightwave tutorial here (200MB)

Download your Cinema 4D tutorial here (945MB)

Download your Softimage tutorial here (461MB)

Download 12 Rules of Animation here (160MB)

Free! Creative Market Model

Our partnership with Creative Market continues this issue with Polygonmaker’s Space Explorer Lite model set. Just click below to download the assets!

Download your files here (12MB)

Showcase: Various Artists

Download extra images, art and step-by-step tutorials for this issue's reader showcase projects.

Download your files here (118MB)

Artist Q&A: Various Artists

Download the hi-res step-by-step images to follow this issue's Artist Q&A tutorials covering ZBrush, V-Ray and Blender.

Download your files here (318MB)

Feature: Rise of the Robots

Leading artists from across the CG industry with a passion for robots and mechs share their advice for modelling, texturing and rendering mechanical marvels. Download the extra art work, resources and step-by-step images.

Download your files here (275MB)

Tutorial: Improve Your Mech Modelling 

Tomi Väisänen shows how to design, model and render a tank-inspired walking mech. Download his artwork, step-by-step images and extra renders to get more from his tutorial.

Download your files here (88MB)

Tutorial: Get Started in Quixel 2

Wiktor Öhman shares his tips to master the tools to quickly improve your normal maps and texture detail, with the new industry standard Quixel Suite 2. Download his step images, video training and the speeder model by Tor Frick.

Download your files here (130MB)

Download your video here (1GB)

Tutorial: Render a Still Life Scene

In the final part of his render series, Bhaumik Patel shows how to create and apply texture maps to a still life scene using Arnold for Maya. Download his video training and resource files to follow along to this project.

Download your files here (85MB)

Download your video here (133MB)

Tutorial: Create Vegetation For Arch-Viz

Ryan Groves shows how to model, texture and scatter detailed vegetation for use in architectural imagery using 3ds Max plug-ins. Download his video training and resources, including the 3ds Max work files used in his arch-viz scene.

Download your files here (190MB)

Download your video here (675MB)

Tutorial: Master Personality in Your 3D Art

Hannah Kang reveals how to learn from master artists to improve your 3D illustration. Download her step-by-step images and two-and-a-half hour video tutorial.

Download your files here (17MB)

Download your video here (1.7GB)

Tutorial: Easily Create Realistic Trees

Wybren van Keulen shows how to grow true-to-nature trees with Blender’s new plug-in, The Grove.

Download your files here (15MB)

Tutorial: Create a Dymanic Dress

Camille Kleinman shares her process for creating a realistic dress in Marvelous Designer 5. Download her step-by-step files, extra renders and two-part video tutorial.

Download your files here (16MB)

Download your video here (1.1GB)

Develop: An Introduction to V-Ray for Nuke

Josh Parks shares the pitfalls and solutions to getting started with the latest tool in the compositor’s arsenal, included in his download is his script.

Download your files here (1.7MB)

Develop: Building a 3D Virtual Studio

Marta Niemczynska explains the process for recreating her design studio as a 3D virtual environment in Unity 5. Download her extra renders and step images to see more of this project.

Download your files here (133MB)