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Game Boy console reimagined for 2015

game boy concept design

Renner wanted to keep the 'catchy' elements of the original design

The Game Boy console is one of the most iconic and beloved gaming devices ever created. First released back in 1989, Game Boy was one of the first commercially viable handheld game systems, meaning just about everyone wanted one (and got one!).

With more modern efforts clogging up your Christmas wishlist, it can be easy to forget the humble Game Boy. That's why Munich-based creative Florian Renner decided to embark on this concept design; updating the Game Boy for 2015 to celebrate it's legacy.

"The project target was to keep the catchy elements of the original and adapt them to the functions and requirements of current games," he explains. Take a closer look at the concept below and let us know what you think in the comments box.

game boy concept design

Would this design do well in 2015?

game boy concept design

Screen size has been updated for those screen-mad consumers

game boy concept design

Another concept idea to go alongside Fallout 4

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